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Tore Vesterby
Rock n' roll, baby.
Rock n' roll, baby.

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If anyone here knows a lawyer with experience with contracts for employees in India then a friend of mine needs some advice.

Feel free to share or get in touch with me, thanks!

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Oh why must I keep merging my account info on my Google Apps when I try to log on to Analytics, +Google? Especially when the darn thing wont let me ;)

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I've been privileged being taught by Stelarc when I was a kid. Now he's on Wired. Amazingly inspiring teacher back then and still cutting edge.

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Oh Hell Yeah

Feeling a bit boxed in by this new layout. It's different though, but yeah, boxed.

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Oldish news, but the Boss is WordPressing like a boss.

Did I mention I really, really, really, REALLY hate styling form elements?

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Awesome sauce with bacon on top.

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I'm obsessed with vintage ads like this. Oh to have lived in such a time. 
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