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That guy that gets way too excited about things.
That guy that gets way too excited about things.

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So this is pretty damn sexy stuff from +Zak Sabbath, pledged and looking forward to seeing what transpires!

A whole new game, focusing on (in his words):

Murder, corruption, death, whiskey, hate, night, darkness, noise, summoning, possession, car chases, claws, disorder, firearms, glass shattering, bathtubs filled with blood, devoured corpses, tentacles, neon, broken men, fear.

Clicky the linky for more.

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Some sites use a certain service to encrypt traffic, called "Cloudflare". That service has had an issue over the past few months where information has been leaked (such as any passwords sent over that service).

One of those sites is The advice is to change your password to at your earliest convenience.

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I've been sucked into the new WoD mobile phone games. First thing I thought as I was playing through the Vampire one was, "Huh, this is like something +Zak Sabbath would do" - and I was right!

Highly recommend checking these out, I love the concept of you interact with the story. I've progressed mainly in the Vamp version though currently hit a brick wall in a Tremere chantry.

Give them a check out, they're on Android and Apple.


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I love the visual escalation of the character here, though its a shame the rocket launcher was instantly denied.

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What is your favourite season of The League of Gentlemen, and why?

I've added in the films, in case you swing that way.
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Season 2
Season 3
The Christmas Special
Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
The Christmas Special

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Tonight I ran The Horror in the Shed by the Good Friends of Jackson Elias using Troika!. It was entirely loopy, starring:

Dave, the Monkey Wrangler.
Charlie, the Cacogen.
Buttercup, the Thinking Machine Centaur.
Harry Radcliffe, Sorcerer of the College of Friends.

These types caused some stir in Buckingham as they moved into their dear recently departed (she had a died while being spit roasted during a drug fuelled threesome) friend's home. A bigger stir was caused when the friend turned up at 3am and started making cups of tea.

It became apparent that something was bringing the bodies in the cemetery back to life, so the group beat up a few old men, decapitated their friend, and then made out with a giant decaying mass of flesh before killing it.

All in all, a fun Sunday evening!

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If you're interested in OSR discussion, there is no good reason why you shouldn't join us in the Discord chat. +Chris McDowall is operating a Discord server for us gibbons to frequent and its a delight - everytime I've signed in, I've seen at least one new idea being generated and discussed.

For those not in the know, Discord is a kind of modernised IRC client. Once you've created a basic account and joined in, you can pop in and out of the channel while still being able to see a backlog of all the things discussed.

Theres a client for both desktop and mobile, and its just very very handy.

Regardless of your thoughts as to whether G+ is a sinking ship or not, I'd highly recommend joining this and getting involved.

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Good news everyone! Werewolf is coming to the computer game world! Hopefully this one will make it out of development.

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Free stuff, people! 1st ed Pendragon from DTRPG, going until the end of the month.

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Riffing off a thing +James Young talked about a while back, I've been thinking about how a game could run if the players worked together to create a gang as a single character, but playing each "stat" as the member. This is all typed up as I think, so apologies for the disjointed nature.

Lets say the setting is a crime-filled dark city. You have a group of 4 players who first of all decide the focus of their gang is going to be drugs. They'd naturally start out as street pushers, with the hope presumably of becoming a major organisation in the city, cornering the drug market - from a GM perspective, thats you got an instant seed to build several adventures round.

The attributes however of this 'gang character' would be as follows:

The Muscle - the members of the gang that handle all the violence.
The Brains - the thinkers, the ones who know what to do.
The Mouth - the ones who make the deals, and know the streets.
The Workers - the ones who handle the day-to-day things like transport and logistics.

The stats on top of that would be:

Presence - how well they're known in the city
Wealth - a fairly direct measure of success
Membership - the number of people in the gang

From there you'd have faction affiliation ratings - how welcome or spurned you are in the eyes of all the other gangs in the city.

Players then spend points out accordingly between these 4 attributes to create the style of gang they want. They might want to be mainly muscle, making them a very violent gang but without much coordination or diplomacy, so most their points going into Muscle.

From there, they create simple level 0 style characters that are influenced by the attributes. If the group is Muscle focused, then the chances are higher that they'll roll a thug at this stage for example. With this in mind, your average session would be played with basic characters to complete a set objective: perhaps thats to blow up a rival's warehouse at the docks, so your group run with these characters to achieve this in the name of your gang. Next mission could be to gather intel on a new drug ring at the other side of the city, so you roll up some new characters to achieve that.
Other time, you'll have built all the gang members (unable to go higher than your 'Membership', with Membership only increasing if you choose to spend experience points in that area). Some of those gang members could be promoted and blessed with additional skills using the party XP.

As the operations are successfully completed, the gang as a unit becomes better while the individual members remain expendable - soon as a basic thug dies, just roll a new one. This would form a natural protection over the leaders, but players could switch characters around to avoid one player becoming the focus.

I dont know. Something here?
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