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Why We Gotta Play Nice: How True Joy Helps Us Be Truly Unified
This battle, is back-breaking. The fight to have joy, on a Thursday, in 2016, is demanding. When three year olds flush socks and toothbrushes and puppies yelp all the long night and your kindergarden is smarter than you, how in the world do you press on tow...

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When You Need to be Intersected. (How to Find Your Soul's Oasis)
I suppose we all need this, a time or two. Someone to step right in our way, slowing us down on our escape plan. I suppose we all run away, in one form or another. Some routes are sprints right outta town, to put distance between us and our hurt, our shame....

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Making Room for Joy
Tell me you have seen Inside Out.  It's nothing short of brilliant. Matt and I laugh through the entire thing, ever time. All 53 times that we have seen it. But as some introspection started, a concern grew in me, as I began relating way to much with this l...

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The Day I Traded in for Grace
There was day a few years ago where well of condemnation poured forth with grace. This was the day I traded in my spilling cisterns for an oasis of mercy. It was much like her day, the Woman of Samaria .... The sun was high. The hot dust blew up off of the ...

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Hope This Christmas: When You Need Life to Spring Out Of What Has Been Severed
  This is our first Christmas in our current home.
There's always something near magical about decorating a home for it's first
Christmas. Finding a place for the nativity and the candy
bowl, and of course-the tree.  Last year, while we were still up to our...

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Brave in November
My boys and I are standing and sitting around the dining room table. It's a wonderful, lazy Saturday morning.  Scraps of construction paper cover the table and the floor.  Red, orange, and yellow.  We are crumpling up the brown paper, then unrolling it and ...

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I Got Nothin' (Some Encouragement When You Are Starting Something.)
There should be a hallway
somewhere for these guys. A hallway, of some museum, where they could be
featured. The Bible calls them “King David’s Mighty Men” in 2 Samuel, chapter
23. And their pictures could line either side of the long room.  Each man would ...

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When They Took Away My Gods
I open up my Bible and sip down my coffee and I stare at this story, again.  This story that has this ability to rattle my heart. I have read it dozens of times in this last season, and each time it's like looking in a mirror. A very, um...unflattering mirr...

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Asher Lewis Greene
Knees knocking, and voice cracking, it was a humbling opportunity to share some thoughts at my nephew's funeral.... Rach,
Amos, I remember your wedding day well.  I remember the bright pink
flowers, the chocolate fountain, and the perfect weather. I remembe...
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