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Regardless of where you live - We can help - children, teenagers and adults
Regardless of where you live - We can help - children, teenagers and adults

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A grandfather just called in regarding his 7 year old granddaughter. He was completely surprised and very pleased we were still in business. Enuresis Treatment Center has been treating bed wetting for 41 years!

That's because he sought bedwetting treatment for his son, Christopher, 23 years ago. He said the changes from deep sleep to dream sleep made a remarkable difference in his son’s life, from his energy level to his less reactive mood to his ability to focus. The latter was an undeniable challenge to his academics. He also said something interesting: "Ending the bedwetting was the bonus not the focus"! That's what we've been saying for 40 years. It's all about the sleep! Improving the sleep changes everything!

He also made mention of Barbara, the founder of our clinic. He said she was the most caring person he had ever met. That says a lot about the person who created and shaped our entire program, who has chosen a committed staff, and who, together with our team of specialists, has been treating children, teens, and adults around the world for 41 years.

This gentleman plans to call his son, Christopher, to let him know that good news, and is going to offer to help pay for treatment and allow his granddaughter to know what it's like to feel energized, stabilized, rested, and even to feel good about herself!

We invite you to call us today! 800.379.2331

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Dad states "The level of support was excellent and I recommend the bedwetting treatment program".

Robert and Francesca are a father and daughter who were together for their final appointment with their Enuresis Treatment Center Specialist, Claudia Manville. They gave us permission to videotape them so they could share with others about their experience with us.
The family lives in Europe, and even though they have never visited our clinic in person, they received the same quality of care. Each visit was conducted via Skype so Claudia could nurture the relationship with the family, and consistently develop Francesca’s treatment for her deep-sleep bedwetting.
For the past 40 years, we have been able to develop a protocol to assist families regardless of where they reside, as well as families who live in the Metro Detroit area. 80% of our patients live outside of Michigan.

Click here to watch video -

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Pre-Teens Still Bed Wetting ... And One Day It Leads Into Adult Bedwetting

A recent survey of 100 adults who experience bedwetting, 78% said they were told by their doctors there was not a bedwetting solution for them.

We spoke to a mom today in New York. Although sometimes bedwetting is a difficult subject to broach with others, this mom was talking to the mother of her son’s new friend from school. Bedwetting became the topic of conversation. It was discovered that they had something in common: An older child still bed wetting. They each had an 11-year-old boy who wet the bed, and they both experienced the frustration of having to watch their boys live with it, and feeling helpless to do anything about it. They talked about all the failed attempts they each made, and expressed how they were feeling desperate if they were ever going to be able to stop bedwetting for their pre-teens.
The second mom conveyed that her son once nervously attended a sleepover, but he decided to sleep “sitting up” on the sofa in hopes of not wetting. It didn’t work. READ MORE

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Bedwetting and Sleep Away Camp: A Five-Step Plan to Ensure a Comfortable Camper

Sleep away camp offers so many opportunities for children and teens, yet it can instill fear in the hearts of a child or teenager who wets the bed.

Many summer camps report that they know how to deal with bed wetting. However, 87% of parents we surveyed reported that the camps did not have a system in place to confidentially assist the camper.

When bedwetting continues, whether it happens every night or once a week, the child is concerned about other campers discovering their secret. Even if they don’t express it to a parent, overnight camp can be anxiety-filled for them. Even children who are eager to leave home for sleep away camp are likely to worry constantly or even attempt to remain awake all night so as not to be discovered.

1. Ask to take a few minutes to review “your” child’s situation with the head of the summer camp. Be sure all camp counselors assigned to your child’s housing understands the situation and the sensitivity surrounding the bedwetting.
Chronic bed wetting is not intentional nor is it caused by a psychological problem. However, discovery can be devastating for the bed wetter. That discovery can certainly cause long-term damage. READ MORE

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A Bedwetting Teenager Asks “What’s Wrong With Me?”
When bedwetting issues extend beyond the bedroom
Parents are taught that bedwetting is common, often being told by physicians, “Don’t worry, it will go away once the hormones kick in”.  It seems fairly logical.  People then wait for their child to hit puberty, and when the bedwetting persists, they begin to feel really concerned and sometimes desperate.  An alarming statistic is that 63% of our patients are teenagers. 
“Chronic bedwetting is complex, and everyone has his or her own set of symptoms, “ says Michael Stallsmith, M.A., SP., and Director of Treatment.  “The older one gets, the less they talk about it.  But we know from experience that the older they get, the more it bothers them.  It’s an extremely sensitive issue.  Usually teens find it embarrassing.   And when you enter adulthood wetting the bed, you tend to feel resigned that there will ever be an end to wet sheets”.
for more information -

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This sweet 8 year old patient recently completed treatment (shown here with her Treatment Advisor, Claudia).  She is happy that she can now start accepting sleepover invitations.  Her mom said that was her main goal.  That's one of many reasons to start children in our program at an early age--the freedom from the stigma of bedwetting.  The advantage for youngsters is that they can grow up without the stress and fear associated with bedwetting, and be able to attend functions like sleepovers that are not only considered an important factor in social development, but also because children find it to be a wonderful way to bond and have fun!

For additional success stories - it helps for your child to know they are not alone - visit

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Older Child Still Bed Wetting? An Easy Target for Bullies

We talk with thousands of parents each year who not only ask how to stop bedwetting, they are very concerned about what will happen if their child is discovered. Will they be bullied?

These days, there are more reports of bullying in the US than ever before. Statistics show:

- About 42 percent of kids have been bullied while online with one in four being verbally attacked more than once.
- About 35 percent of kids have been threatened online.
- About 58 percent of kids and teens have reported that something mean has been said about them or to them online.

Other bullying statistics show that about 77% of students have admitted to being the victim of one type of bullying or another.

continue article

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I cannot say enough kind things about this bedwetting center!!!!

Our son was never nighttime dry after he was potty trained at 2 1/2. We understood it takes time & he wore pull ups. I always felt sleep was somehow involved. As an infant, our son would sleep through diaper wetting that soaked the crib... he actually seemed to LIKE being wet!

Anyway, as time wore on, we discussed it many times with the pediatrician. We were told he would outgrow bedwetting, then we were told that his brain wasn't making a certain hormone yet & we tried supplementing it with enuresis medication.

We rewarded, punished, threatened.. You name it. We medicated, we took him for tests to make sure there wasn't a physical issue. We were at our ropes end. It was starting to take a toll on our son, at this point 8 yrs old, because he couldn't go to sleepovers & he was starting to feel like a failure. He was self conscious & afraid to let anyone in his room, for fear they would figure out his secret. I kept asking how to stop bedwetting.

One day, reading Parents magazine, there was an article on bedwetting. It mentioned enuresis clinics as a possible source of help. We live in NYC, so we had to have a clinic, right? We have some of the best medical facilities in the country! Well, we don't have ANY place to treat pediatric enuresis. Not one. So, thanks to Google, I searched & came across Enuresis Treatment Center. My husband was skeptical, but I talked him into the initial phone consult. We conference called a director at ETC & after about 15 min, my husband agreed that everything they described was what we were dealing with.

Doctors don't handle sleep disorders because it's not really a medical issue. Deep-sleep and bedwetting is the problem. There is no medication to fix. TRUST ME WHEN I TELL YOU, THIS CENTER IS A BLESSING FROM GOD!!!

If you are going to do this program, BE READY TO COMMIT!! This will only work if your family is dedicated to it. We did get frustrated at times. But I was more concerned that our son needed was to not be an older child still bed wetting. Their treatment plan focused on my son's symptoms. Sticking with it was the best thing you can do.

Now, I saw the one complaint on yelp, & understand every case is different, but there is more to fix then just the bedwetting. There is a very real sleep pattern that needs to be addressed. I took us MUCH longer than the average time ETC gives, but our counselor stuck with us!! He has now been dry over 6 months we almost don't remember that it was ever a problem.

Thank you, ETC, for giving our son his life back & thank you, Mary Anne Rice, RN, for helping me throughout!!

Shoobie Z, New York, New York

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Cat from United Kingdom just posted this review about her experience with our bedwetting treatment program.

5.0 star rating 12/20/2015
The best care ever! i live in the UK and so even though i live over the atlantic from where the centre is they made every effort possible to keep in touch such as free phone calls and Skype video. they were so patient with me. it took me up to a year to become fully cured from the horrid bed wetting! my life has changed so much. 1 year later and I'm 19 and still free from bed wetting. the best part is that if there is any problems after treatment they are always happy to help. the staff are so friendly and pleasant. God bless them all because the are amazing people!

Cat G.

Cat, we are so pleased you are no longer suffering from bed wetting and able to live your life. Your message will reach out to many teens and parents of teens searching for a solution to putting an end to bedwetting.

Barbara Moore
Enuresis Treatment Center
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