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“One Check, One Standard, One Result”
“One Check, One Standard, One Result”


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“PpAC-iD are pleased to have been referenced under “Organisations” as part of the Considerate Constructors Scheme Spotlight on… illegal workers campaign and the case study can be read here.

Awareness of the issues surrounding illegal working in the UK is increasing and the full campaign can be read here.”

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Interview with Dean Tuhey Managing Director PpAC-iD

Talk through your professional background and what drove you to found PpAC.
PpAC was born as a direct result of the government crackdown on illegal working in the UK. Having spent 15 years recruiting into the construction industry, I increasingly saw the onus placed on construction companies to tighten their right-to-work work checks. Despite not being responsible for the increase in illegal workers in the UK, businesses were facing tough penalties if an illegal worker was found on one of their sites.

During my time in recruitment, I managed many high labour volume contracts and the standard right to work checks as laid out by the Home Office had become extremely time consuming and resource intensive.

I wanted to create a far more efficient and accurate process through which the construction industry could verify workers. Using the latest ID verification technology, PpAC is the only construction industry dedicated ID authentication solution.

What is PpAC’s mission and what equips you to deliver it?

PpAC’s mission is to protect the industry that I’ve grown to love through many years of working on some of construction’s most prestigious contracts.

PpAC is equipped with invaluable knowledge of the construction industry through supplying labour to major developments such as One New Change, Heathrow Terminal 2 and the London Underground Northern Line Extension.
PpAC is therefore perfectly positioned to assist the industry in navigating the specific challenges that construction faces around illegal working.

What do you see as the major illegal working challenges for the construction industry over the next decade?

Traditionally, the sector has been reactive to threats and risks rather than proactively managing them with a prevention strategy.

Organisations like PpAC, governing bodies and contractors are faced with the challenge of adjusting attitudes towards the dangers posed by illegal workers; not only from a legal point-of-view, but in terms reputational damage and health and safety.

There is also the challenge of modern slavery. With its high demand for migrant labour and huge international supply chains, the construction industry is particularly susceptible to this issue. A recent CIOB report estimated the UK to contain at least 8,300 people living in modern slavery.

Companies are focused on planning and implementing processes to deal with illegal workers and modern slavery, and there is now a sophisticated, simple-to-use ID authentication technology to make this easier to manage. However, not all businesses take responsibility for robust ID checks to be made at the time of entry to site.

PpAC is the only ID authentication solution dedicated to the construction industry:

It authenticates workers through instant right to work and identity checks
It scans for all vulnerabilities, not simply the most common attempts to falsify documents

It uses the latest in facial recognition technology to instantly match the person in front of you with the ID provided

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Spotlight on illegal workers case study

Despite these changes, there is still a perception in the industry that not enough is being done. In order to gain a more up-to-date and direct representation of industry opinions on the issue of illegal workers, the Scheme gathered information through an industry survey in 2016. Over 550 participants responded, further evidence that the subject is a pressing issue. The following results were identified:

93% agreed illegal working could be better tackled in the construction industry

81% would say illegal working has been on the rise over the past 15 years

61% admitted they have not received – or rarely receive – information on illegal working

33% suspected a chance that illegal working had been present at a previous or current employer

30% believed that health and safety was placed at greatest risk as a result of illegal working (mostly due to the potential language barrier)

Let us help you:
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