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E-Bikes, On Trails?
I have been contacted several times in the last few months
about e-bikes and if they are compatible on our local trail systems. I was
asked by a couple of different companies if I would like to experience
firsthand what it was like riding a pedal assist e-b...

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SDRP Mtb Patrol 2.0
Well it's been two years now since the San Dieguito River Park mountain bike patrol came into existence. Over the past couple years we have made great strides on bringing the mountain bike community to the fore front of trail advocacy and protection. The pa...

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Coach Whipped! -Part 3 The Final Push!
I know, three parts to this story, your probably bored to tears right now, my epic ride has become a saga. Let's continue. Where were we? Oh yes the crew was just settling down for the night and everything was good. I awoke a couple of times only to find ou...

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Coach Whipped! Part 2 -It's just over that next hill!
We rolled, slowly out of Agua Caliente in the cool morning air of the desert, it was refreshing. As the body slowly started to wake I begin to feel the aches and pangs of the previous nights fits. I adjusted in the saddle continuously as we snaked our way d...

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Coach Whipped! Part 1
Was it 4:30, 4:45 I couldn't remember what time I set my alarm for it felt like I had been waiting for it all night. I stirred then laid there for a moment and thought, "400 miles, argh" then headed towards the bathroom. The cabin was cozy but I could tell ...

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The Sage of Beers!
Brew Crew! As a park ranger, avid cyclist, hiker and  all around outdoor enthusiast nothing I enjoy more after a long day on the trails is a nice, cold refreshing beer. I've been brewing my own for almost 20 years and have experimented with a lot of ingredi...

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Sharing Our Trails
Last year I attended the California Trails and Greenways conference and one of the main topics of discussion centered around how to deal and avoid user conflict on trails that are becoming more and more crowded. There were many theories as to why most if no...

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A bike ride down the Coast to Crest Trail.
I've been a park ranger with
the San Dieguito River Park for over 15 years now and I was an avid volunteer
mountain bike patroller and trail worker with the park for 5 years before that.
I've seen a lot of the changes within the park over those 20 years and...

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Dezert Daze: My first bikepacking trip
I have been a biker and backpacker for quite some time now and a couple months ago I had the chance to finally combine the two. I had wanted to go bikepacking for awhile but just never had the chance to until Brendan Collier from The Hub Cyclery organized a...

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Feast or Famine an end of the year report.
It's been one crazy year around the park. After navigating through the barrage of flak sent up by the City of SD this year in regards to SDRP funding and the longevity of the park in general it seems (fingers crossed) that we may actually be coming to some ...
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