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Helinox "Sunset Chair" In Stock!!

Sunset - Lean back and relax in the Sunset Chair. With a high, supportive backrest you’ll enjoy taking in the view from your back deck or a campsite while the sun sets (or rises). This chair is lightweight, is designed for easy set up with a single shock corded pole structure, and will be the envy of everyone on your next overnight trip.

Lightweight folding camp or deck chair
Sets up quickly and easily
Single shock corded pole structure
Storage sack included
Skin & Frame Weight- 3lb/1340g




Packed Weight3.2lb

Case Dimensions18.5"x4.7"x5.5"

Available at
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VORTEX Viper PST 1-4x24 TMCQ (MOA) Reticle | 30mm Tube

Available at
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Top Pack Gear Long Sleeve Shirts! Just in time for Winter

Click the link below to order.
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"MASCAL" Mass Casualty Kit,
will treat up to 30 victims! This kit was designed by our partners at Officer Survival Initiative. Gear built by First Responders for First Responders.

Medical "Mascal" Kit (Mass Casualty Response Kit)

Designed By Officer Survival Initiative "OSI"

The MASCAL Mass Casualty Response Kit is designed to put the right tools in the right place to allow first responders to immediately address life threats during a mass casualty event.  Built around primary causes of death and disability, as well as viable interventions by non-medical personnel in a high stress environment, the MASCAL builds on OSI's reputation of research- and experience-based solutions to put the tools to save lives in the hands of early responders. 

Designed to be light weight and easily man-packable, the MASCAL can be deployed in multiple ways:

-Mobile resources (patrol cars, APC's, fire/EMS resources)

-Fixed locations (malls, hotels, schools, high risk facilities, hospitals),

-Prepositioned prior to high risk events, such as concerts or political conventions.

Finally, with the addition of an IED configuration, the MASCAL is also one of the only kits on the market specifically designed for responses to large terrorist events including primary, secondary, and tertiary blast injuries, as well as the results of potential follow up attacks.

Each MASCAL is designed to treat 30 individuals. The MASCAL is currently available in Black, Coyote, ACU, or Multicam.  As with all of our kits, the MASCAL can be customized to fit your specific needs. 

Each ASK is equipped for 6 significantly injured patients and we recommend one ASK per 4 responding officers.  The ASK is available in black, OD, or coyote.


Black Nitrile Gloves 20
OSI PPE Module 4


Halo Chest Seal (2 seals per pack) 6 Packs

Bleeding Control

SWAT-T Tourniquets 15

Primed Gauze 10

4" Israeli Dressing 6

6" Israeli Dressing 4


Moldable Foam Covered Splint 2

3" Cohesive Wrap 2

Hypothermia Prevention

Space Blanket 6

Wound Care

2" Tape 2

5x9's 10

8x10's 10

3" Roller Gauze 10


Patient Information Tags 30

Snaplight Light Sticks Green 6

Snaplight Light Sticks Red 6

Sharpie Markers 4

Medic Tools

Tactical Trauma Wrap 4

This Pack would cost you over $1200.00 to assemble on your own (searching for products, shipping costs, most stores where you can find these products charge full retail, we charge MAP, the trial and error of buying cheap products will cost you in the long run, our products are high quality and torture tested so purchasing from us removes the question of whether or not you are buying junk or not. We do not sell or use inferior products.

Available at or follow the link below.

#ems   #firstresponders   #masscasualty   #emt   #firefighters   #leo   #ied   #md   #survival  
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The Ultimate pre-made Bug out Bag. Introducing the 100% Made in the USA "Patriot" Pack

Get your high quality Incident Readiness Kit today, just click the link below for details, ordering, and customization options.
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The PKM (Pikal, Karambit Mix) is a hybrid fighting knife that combines the edged weapon application style of the formidable and lethal Pikal fighting knife with the ergonomic benefits and retain ability of the world renowned Karambite™ .

The Karambite was introduced in 2010 with intention of redefining the “last ditch” neck knife concept, in an absolute minimalist package, that was capable of inflicting MAXimum damage to an adversary when utilized for the purpose of self-defense.

As the popularity of the Karambite grew, Despins encountered volumes of feedback from customers and potential customers alike. The customers were happy, while many potential customers, voiced interest while sharing their wishes and wants. Much of this commentary focused on the overall blade length of the Karambite. In the end, Despins decided to stay true to the original design and the Karambite remains a Max Venom top selling item to this day.

However, truly state of the art design craft sometimes involves “rethinking the unrethinkable”.

Having concluded that the Karambite™ design could not be altered and still live up to its parameters of purpose, Despins began to consider if the Karambite could be repurposed with entirely different parameters, and the PKM is the outcome of, this manner of thinking.

It is the ongoing mission of mission of the Max Venom Product Group to produce state of the art edged and impact weapons in order to facilitate a variety of the most formidable edged weapon fighting styles.

The PMK delivers a unique variation/combination of TWO of Filipino Martial Art’s most popular blade styles, the Pikal, AND the Karambit.  

The PKM offers the same great quality, craftsmanship and materials that you have come to expect from the Max Venom Product Group, in a hand crafted package that delivers value above and beyond the competition, EVERY time!


Overall length – 6.625
Blade length – 2.375
Material – S35VN
Sheath – Custom Kydex

Click the link below for ordering.
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Bleed Control Kit for your pack, vehicle, gym, sporting events, and outdoor adventures.


(1) CAT-T Red Tip Tourniquet

(1) 5 1/2" Trauma Shears

(1) 4" Israeli Bandage

(1) H&H Compressed Gauze

(1) Z Fold Combat Gauze (Hemostatic Dressing)

(1) 1" Waterproof Medical Tape

(2) Pair Nitrile Gloves

(2) 4x4 Gauze Pads

This kit is vacuum packed for space optimization inside your backpack, or bag.

Click the link below to order.
Bleed Control Kit
Bleed Control Kit
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"EDC Professional"  Pre-Built Survival Pack 

This pack was a collaboration between Colin Despins of MaxVenom Product Group and Top Pack Gear

"EDC Professional" (21 Items + Pack)

We set out to combine the best of the best in the most substantial categories necessary for survival. Then we built up and out to fortify the EDC Pro bag as a medium/light-weight, fast moving, awesome bag, filled with the highest quality components at the best prices possible.

Available at
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Jurassic World and Top Pack Gear.

We were very fortunate to have partnered up with the Props Manager for Jurassic World "GD" and get several of our Med Kits displayed and used in the film!! Here are a few behind the scenes shots for you.

Check out our Level 3 Med Kits at
or follow the link below

#medical #firstaid #WhiteboardFriday   #Jurassicworld   #emt  
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Camping, Evacuation, Bugging Out, and Emergency Readiness.

Prepare, Endure, and Prevail with Top Pack Gear high quality products like the Exodus Basecamp shown below.

This Kit covers.
- Food
- Water Filtration and Purification
- Shelter
- Fire Making
- Medical
- Survival Tools
- Communication
- Cooking
- Personal Hygiene 
- and much more

Available at or follow the link below.

#Business #Prepper #Survival #Evacuation #WhiteboardFriday
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