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Horror Film Festival Haunts Southern Oregon On Nov. 12th
Returning to Ashland, OR for it’s 8th installment, the  Killer Valley Horror Film Festival  (KVHFF) is a celebration of independent horror and science fiction movies from around the globe. A one-night affair, geared to film-goers 18 years and older, the fes...

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Don't Fuck in the Woods (2016) - Film Review
When I first got the screener of “Don’t Fuck in the Woods”, I had only a day before been dumped by the love of my life. I was worried that watching a bunch of fun-loving couples get horny and freak on each other beside the campfire for an hour and a half wo...

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Autumn Film Festivals Celebrate “The State of Jefferson”
A region of the Pacific Northwest that has imagined its own independence as far back as the 1850’s, the ‘mythical’ 51st State of Jefferson, is a proposed U.S. state that would span the contiguous, mostly rural area of southern Oregon and Northern California...

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Review of "Name" - a Short Post-Zombie-Apocalypse Film
What’s in a name? For our lead protagonist, the one thing she can’t remember about the man she loved, a man who died violently from an outbreak that decimated the human race, is his name. All the memories of shared laughs, tears, and lust are there — but wh...

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Review of "The Mayo Conspiracy"
Promoted as a mockumentary of the seedy underbelly of the condiment industry, The Mayo Conspiracy highlights the cartel referred to as “Big Mayo” and their grip on America’s condiment usage. How much power could Big Mayo hold over the public? If you believe...

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Review of "The Throbbit"
I know what you’re thinking already, yes “The Throbbit” is a “re-imagining” of “The Hobbit”, but definitely not the XXX version I originally thought by the title. This feature-length spoof film just barely ranks around a PG-13. It contains a good bit of adu...

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Review of "The Jersey Devil"
* Finally, a Faith-Based Christian Film with some meat to it! * “The Jersey Devil” plays fast and loose with the details of any particular biblical source, but that doesn’t make this film any less worthy as a spiritual guide to help viewers on a path toward...

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Review of "Nuclear Neighborhood"
“Nuclear Neighborhood” is a film that looks & feels like it came from graduates of Troma University; a sci-fi/horror film made with little budget but plenty of fun and creativity. Within no time, Matthew J Oliver’s film jumps right into the meat & bones of ...

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Review of "Intrigue", a Short Film
With light-hearted fun, director Mikel J. Wisler brings the audience into a campy spy thriller, and just when you think you think you’ve figured out each of the possible ways the story can go, he pulls the rug out from you in the most unexpected way, bringi...

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Review of "Malady", a European downer with plenty of sex
“Malady” is a dark & moody film, slow to build, and very light on the dialogue, but luckily there’s plenty of sex to stave off any depression. It’s on the verge of being an art film, as the nearly 1hr-40min. running time has only about 15 minutes of story ...
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