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The Abramson stuff sounds very exciting, but there's a huge chance it's just fantasy. Little of this is being covered by mainstream journalists. Don't let it be the liberal Jade Helm.
Update: Abramson is dumping info again as we speak. This time about the provenance of the Steele Dossier. 

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Hmm...Lots of interesting anecdotes in the article. CBD especially of interest.

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Getting a baby to sleep on their back on a flat surface is not as easy as the PSAs make it sound.

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If you're wondering why color rendering matters in LEDs: compare these two shots of the same hardwood flooring. The reddish one has 90+ CRI and the pale one is 80+. Both LEDs are the same color temperature (3000k), and both photos were taken with auto color temperature off.
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Or how in California we sell some of the world's cleanest energy, but charged at such ridiculously high prices. Then we sell natural gas for a tenth of the price. That's why anyone reasonably sane here is using a furnace, even though heat pumps are a fantastic fit for our mild weather.
New York State will provide $70 million in incentives for Electric Vehicles, but only $15 million (over two years) in State support for combustion-free heat pumps to replace fossil fueled furnaces... The balance here isn't quite right. Certainly, a bit more of our State's GHG emissions come from vehicles than from furnaces, but a car and a heat pump cost about the same while the heat pump will last 20+ years and the car is only good for less than 10 years. Investing in heat pumps would give more return for the dollar and do so for longer.

I've unfollowed a lot of people I really like just because I'm continuing to find ways to trim my media diet. Like any addiction I have to break the reward cycle. Apologies to my esteemed favorite posters -- you're just too interesting!

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It is very hard to find factually neutral sites or reporting about Roundup and cancer.

It sounds like the commonality is:
- it causes cancer
- but negligible for the amount humans consume

Hoping for more neutral info.

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One thing I don't understand.

Intelligence officials clearly tracked the volume of communication between Trump aides and Russian officials. Clearly, intelligence was monitoring Trump aides somehow. And there are public reports about Internet traffic from Trump Tower to Russia.

His wires may not be physically tapped, but Trump is not entirely wrong to consider himself at least an indirect victim of espionage.

His claims are outrageous IMO mostly for the sheer strength and absolute lack of evidence.

I would normally be glad that the USA's espionage instruments are being brought to light, but not only is this the wrong way, but I think Trump would rather strengthen the apparatus.

Google Calendar tip:

- Mother's day: repeats every 12 months on the 2nd Sunday
- Father's day: repeats every 12 months on the 3rd Sunday

(Don't use the yearly repeating feature.)

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One of these things is not like the others...
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