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When I open Google Plus, I get this error "Couldn't connect to the server." and when I open Hangouts I get this one: "Couldn't sign in, possibly because there's a problem with Google account permissions." It doesn't make sense because all of the other apps I use that have had no problems (Google Play, Gmail, YouTube, Google Voice) and the problem only affects Google+ and Hangouts. I have had this problem for months. It is extremely frustrating.

I have scoured the web looking for answers, but as of yet have not found anything that works for me. There seem to be two main solutions that other people have found helpful.

This one, but I do not have any "Android Login Service" instances in my Google account's security settings:

And this one, but I have tried it but it didn't fix anything:

I hope that the above links will help others who are looking for a solution, but there seem to be many of us who's issue can't be solved with either of the above. If that's you, have you found anything that does work? Can anybody elevate this request within Google so that we can finally connect to Hangouts and G+ on my phone?

"Please provide your OS, browser or mobile app version, and any other details that you consider relevant, so we can address your issue or question quickly."

I don't know when exactly this issue started, but it has persisted for months and through all of the versions of Hangouts, Google+, and any other related apps released during that time. I am now on the most recent version. I am running the latest version of Android on a Nexus 5.

Why no support for F21 (rawhide)? I can't get pipelight without

the current packaged version of silverlight wine package is too new for netflix-desktop (way out of date). they are both very out of date, but since one is much much older, it seems to not work. can they both be updated ASAP?
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