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Tsitso Tlali
The mobile and HTML 5 developer and tech enterprenuer!!!!!!!!
The mobile and HTML 5 developer and tech enterprenuer!!!!!!!!

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Everyone has a past. Everyone commits sins. The best of sinners are those who repent. Give people a chance.
The Prophet ﷺ said, "ALL of Aadam's descendants frequently commit errors/sins and the best of frequent sinners are those who frequently repent." (Sahih at-Tirmithi) #Repent

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A data-powered market demands data-powered marketing. See how successful marketers are getting #InspiredByData:
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Mandala Web Art

I saw a spider web on such an unstable place. A single gust must ruin it in a moment ... It reminded me of mandala sand art created by Buddhist monks.


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Camera: Nikon D810
Lens: SIGMA 85mm f/1.4 EX DG HSM

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At Sundar's Google, AI is Everything and Everywhere
/by +Harry McCracken re +Sundar Pichai

"A year into his tenure as CEO of Google, the low-key leader talks about what the company is, where it’s going, and how it gets things done."

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Day 2 is gearing up to be even better than day 1 at #ChromeDevSummit. Tune into the livestream 👉

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How you can make money from solar panels in South Africa

Financial services provider, FedGroup, says it aims to disrupt the traditional approaches to wealth creation with the launch of its direct ownership network which enables clients to own and generate an income from solar panels.

Unlike traditional wealth creation approaches, where money is invested, this model involves the ownership of a physical asset to generate income.

The panels can be purchased on FedGroup’s online platform and are then installed on suitable sites, with the owners receiving a monthly rental income based on the power generated by the panels.

FedGroup said it then collects and pays over the rental income to the panel owners.

The direct ownership network operates on the peer-to-peer model, where the landlords of sites, the providers and installers of the solar panels, and those wishing to own the panels are connected.

“The returns are secured through a contract with the building owner to pay a monthly fee, determined by the amount of electricity generated. The money collected from the building owner every month is then distributed to the owners.”

Owners are able to track the performance of their panels online at any time.

See the article at or Fedsure's own site at

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  jQuery and AngularJS Plugins & Tutorials of the Day

musicUI : jQuery plugin for Music Device like Interface

Aquarelle : JavaScript Watercolor Effect Library

Cropify : Angular directive to Crop Image

5 New jQuery Website Themes of the Day

#jquery #javascript #angularjs #css3 #webdevelopment

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Our Interview With Baptiste Loiseau, Remy Martin's New Cellar Master
With a brand new design and a newly appointed cellar master, Remy Martin XO is supercharged and raring to enter into a new age and cultivate a new generation of admirers and fans.

At a recent private tasting in Singapore, Baptiste Loiseau, the fifth generation Cellar Master of the House of Remy Martin sat down with Ong Chin Huat to talk about newly refreshed look of Remy Martin’s iconic XO bottle and box and what the biggest challenge of his job is.

Q. Tell me about Remy Martin XO’s newly redesigned bottle and packaging?
A. With Remy Martin XO’s long history and rich heritage, the newly refreshed design of the XO bottle and packaging is a sort of evolution. We didn’t change the shape of the bottle because it is iconic and our customers have become accustomed to it but we made small and subtle changes to the base of the bottle and the stopper, giving the bottle more status. The gold label at the centre makes the bottle look more intense and the waves which radiate from the centre looks like rays of light shining out from the heart of the Cognac region to the rest of the world. The box is also darker but the blend of the XO stays the same though. But overall, the new packaging gives the impression that there is something very precious inside which originates from the heart of Cognac. Read more on
Remy Martin XO
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