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It is easier to collect nuts than to herd cats.
It is easier to collect nuts than to herd cats.
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He's probably plotting revenge...
Cute little critter😀😊

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Inspired by a recent dream shared during our monthly Dream Dabbling sessions (next one is on May 30), we posted our very first blog entry about the meaning of volcanoes as a symbol.  Check it out at:

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Squirrelly Productions would like to thank everyone who came out and had a wonderful time at our Festival of Tailtiu at Lughnassadh!  The turnout was great and the energy flow was fantastic.  We hope you had as much fun as we did, with the games, the camaraderie, and our ritual.  As always our goal is to grow spiritually while enjoying some Divine Mirth!

Congratulations to our team competition winners, the Avalonians, and to our individual Champions: +April Konyu (Women), Chris (Men), and Dawson (Children).  And we welcome in our new reigning Bard, Kat!  All our competitors and celebrants did a fantastic job of getting into the spirit of our celebration.
On a side note: we are reliably informed that the Forest Service had released several million yellow jackets (!) in our area to fight the pine beetle infestation.   So we have the Forest Service to thank for the many stings suffered by some participants.
Please share with us your comments and impressions of our Festival and rit.  We also welcome any suggestions for improving our productions.
Remember:  Our next production will be the Witches Ball in October!  Watch for an announcement soon.  We hope to see you there.
Thank you and brightest blessings,
All the Nutz at Squirrelly Productions
The Festival of Tailtiu at Lughnasadh
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Squirrelly Productions
is proud to present our second annual
Festival of Tailtiu
at Lughnassadh

Saturday, August 3rd - Noon
Sunday, August 4th - 5 PM
Lughnassadh Ritual: Sunday at Noon

Producer/Priestess - Debbie
Director - Robb
Priest – Rick

Please RSVP to
for directions and more information.
Also, please visit us at:


Come join Squirrelly Productions in celebrating the Lughnassadh Sabbat at Greyhaven Gardens, a lovely, natural setting near Loon Lake.  Pagans, and the Pagan-friendly, are welcome to attend. This is a family-friendly event, so please bring your witchlings! We have planned several fun activities for them to enjoy. Make sure you are prepared to read or recite a very short story or a poem as your entry in the Bards competition – children will be competing separately, so encourage them bring their favorite one, too.

Admission donations will be exchanged for Greyhaven Bucks, which will be redeemable for items from our vendors, child care donations, and food.  We’ve kept all donations as low as they were last year, and again we will be redeeming unused Greyhaven Bucks at the end of the festival, less a 10% restocking donation.  Admission donations are as follows:
• $25 for a single individual
• $40 for a family
• $10 to camp overnight Saturday
• $5 to attend Sunday only*

The ritual will begin a little after noon on Sunday.  However, we would appreciate your arriving before noon for our pre-ritual presentation. For the ritual, we encourage you to wear casual, festive, or ritual attire that is family-appropriate and in harvest colors of brown and green, in keeping with our theme.  Please bring your own camp chair to sit on during the ritual.  As part of ritual, we will have a pot-luck-style picnic lunch. Please bring a dish to share with all our friendly celebrants. (Those with dietary restrictions truly appreciate your keeping them in mind.)

We look forward to seeing you!

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Pagan Pizza is tomorrow evening; we're looking forward to see everyone. :-)

Our Burning Man will be Sunday afternoon.  Looking forward to it.

Wednesday's coffee was great.  We got some important work done on our Burning Man plans, and firmed up some volunteers.

Heard some interesting stories, too.  The quote of the day was Martin saying "I needed to be left alone, so I moved to Tacoma.  People don't visit you in Tacoma."

Afterwards, many of us went over and helped Miss Jessi move.  I'm glad we got the chance to contribute to her "win" for the week.  :-)

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We had a great time at yesterday's Dream Dabbling.  Eight of our favorite Pagans showed up and we shared and analyzed a few dreams.  Afterwards, we discussed early-stage plans for our Burning Man Celebration (on May 5th), but the best part was oohing-and-awing over +jennifer blakeslee's goblets and glass etching examples that she brought so folks could see that part of what's planned for the welcome bags.

We can't wait until next month's Dream Dabbling, It happens on the third Wednesday of every month, and it's open to the public (see our Meetup group site for the details).  We'd love to have you come and share this time with us!

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Very happy with the turnout for our first Pagan Pizza.  Had almost as many folks show up as there were at the Pagan Meetup downtown on Wednesday.  Not bad for a first try.  And better still: we had a great time!

So our Yule was themed "Mayan End of the World Party" and it was by invitation only.  We had 24 adults and five children attend.  It went very well, though as the Producer / Director, I could tell we could've used a rehearsal.  (I tend to be the most critical in our group.)  A lot of those in attendance will be volunteering for our next open production, so overall, I'd call it a huge success!  :-)

Now, I've got to start work on the next event...

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