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Dannielle Levan
Vancouver based Fashion/Commercial Photographer. I over-deliver. :D
Vancouver based Fashion/Commercial Photographer. I over-deliver. :D

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I'm fine with this, honestly. What do you think?
Twitter ads are coming to Twitter timelines: Will that affect Google+ usage at all?

I originally thought it might drive people over to (ad-free) G+, but now the reports are that the promoted tweets are only from brands you already follow -- so it's just making something you already subscribe to more visible.

That's a lot more tolerable than I'd previously imagined.


If you like seeing my creative updates, check out my fanpage on FB! I post all sorts of tips and content on there too :)

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With the voicemail hacking scandal going on, I thought that it would be interesting to demonstrate how flawed some cell phone providers' network security is. It allows anyone with basic knowledge to hack just like the News Corp "hackers." I believe if you are suing News Corp for hacking your voicemail, the cell phone companies and their lax security should be equally to blame for making it so basically anyone can listen to your private messages. Check out the video in the meantime, and remember to like it & enjoy! Hacking Voicemail: How News Corp did it & How to Protect Yourself

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Important Notice:

Prevent others from ordering - Yes, ORDERING(!!!) - or downloading your photos!!!

1. Click on Photos at the very top in the black nav bar.
2. Little Gear in the far right very top corner is your settings link for whichever aspect of G+ you are in.
3. Photo Settings > Privacy and Permissions
4. Unclick Order Prints and Download my Photos
5. Save Changes.

Please share for all photographer who are new on Google+...

New word i made up on my last trip to Metrotown:
Meanderthal(s): People who wander slowly and aimlessly through the mall like it's the most complicated, bewildering environment they've ever come across. Prone to stopping and staring into space.

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Summery art prints to cheer up your walls! 20% off for JULY only!

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All nature prints priced 20% lower for July! Buy quick before I change my mind!

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Explosions rocks Oslo, Norway. This i did not see coming!

Happy birthday, Nelson Mandela. 93yrs and counting, of being a total badass. :D

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