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David Chism
Marketing & Technology Geek for Painting & Building Contractors
Marketing & Technology Geek for Painting & Building Contractors

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Basecamp vs Yammer - which one should your contracting business use? Find out my thoughts and decide what works for your business. 

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Why Reviews are still important for your business in 2017. 

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Edit MS Office Files with Google Drive and Collaborate with your team in real time.

Step 1:
From the Chrome Web Store, download the Chrome extension for editing Office files with Docs, Sheets or Slides.

Step 2:
In Google Drive, click the New button in the top-left corner and choose File upload, then select an Office file on your hard drive.

Step 3:
To open and edit the Office file in Word, Excel or PowerPoint format, locate it in Google Drive and double-click its file name.

Try Google Apps for Work

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I believe this has been a problem for some new users using iOS 10. If you are wondering why the new special effects on iMessage are not working, here is a quick video on how to fix the problem. It's a settings issue, not a bug.

#ios10 #iMessage #iphonetip

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Here is a brief list of some of the popular CRMs on the market that work well for home improvement contractors.

#crm #smallbusiness #homeimprovement

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In a small business world, employees being violent or just plain jerks, would lose their job.

I had a contractor this week tell me about how the local police showed up to a job site of theirs and were more than rude to their Hispanic paint crew. This took place in Fairfield CA. They were starting their job too early and got a complaint for having noisy equipment. Long story short, the Hispanic foreman asked the police officer when they were allowed to start a job in the commercial district. Instead of answering the question, the cop snapped at the man and said to not be a smart though he was trying to be. Even though my client made a mistake by not knowing the local law of when to operate equipment in that district, the police didn't have to make things so difficult by talking down to the paint crew. The painter really didn't know he was breaking the law. It got worse with the cop being a jerk to the painter and even rested his hand on his gun holster. The cop just had an ego --chip on his shoulder. In California, it is also the Hispanic community that tends to be racial profiled too, not just blacks.

I am very pro cop. It was a strong career choice / option for me when I was younger...but went into small biz instead. I still would do it as a volunteer if I had more time!

I'm also a very strong supporter of small business. That doesn't mean that every business owner is a saint. That is why there are laws in this land. Cops too have laws they can't break. They are not above the law! They are to protect and serve. They are public servants. I know their job is hard and they deal with a lot of criminals. Even still, they cannot look at everyone as a criminal.

Police officers have an uphill battle to earn the respect of citizens again of all color. It isn't just the blacks or hispanics that are beginning to distrust the police. As a white guy myself, I'm not afraid of getting shot or racial profiled by an officer of the law. I am however super nervous and always have been around cops feeling like there is a real barrier between me and them. I have never felt that way around firefighters for example. Both the fire and police industries help to save lives and carry a shield. Yet firefighters are approachable and not intimidating.

My grandfather was a San Diego police officer in the 1940s. Back then, cops were more respected and even liked: like firefighters. I don't think they had as much to prove back then. It was a honorable profess...and it should be today.

I hope and pray that the law enforcement community leadership would strongly consider that it is time to really clean house and lay down the law against bad cops and begin firing (yes firing) cops that have a power struggle. Cops that have anger issues need help and should not be on the force, period. That is what seems to be the case in the video below and perhaps other recent officer involved arrest and shootings. I don't think it is always racial related. I think there are just police officers that need more training about how to have more self control. If they don't have the right character, they need another job that doesn't involve carrying a gun.

Us as civilians need to continue to respect our law enforcement and not rise up with violence. They have a difficult job, no doubt. There should never be a reason to try to take revenge. Yet if a police officer you encounter is having a power trip, we have rights too. I'd suggest to file a formal complaint. Maybe it will get more bad cops off the force...and will be steps to rebuild the respect that we once had for officers of the law.


Video: Austin police body-slam black teacher, tell her blacks have ‘violent tendencies’ - The Washington Post

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Here is my response to those who send me a canned message in LinkedIn after connecting with me!

It is frustrating when a client pays for a custom built website and the rights:

Then a different web/SEO company rips off (aka: Steals) the design and pictures to sell it to someone else. (spitten image)

#callingoutfrauds #badbusinesspractices

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Here is a quick and easy way to help increase your reviews from customers using your field employees. This blog is written with a service company in mind. 

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What I've been doing as a new hobby: roasting barrel-aged coffee.

I'm not selling the coffee. I want it to remain fun! It is a nice break from my main work of running a business. I'll try to produce a few more videos of the aging process. This was shot just to show some of my friends what I've been up to.

Best part, this takes place in my my office smells great all the time!

#homeroasting #whiskeybarrelcoffee #frederickmd
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