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Travel the world and see it´s wonders
Travel the world and see it´s wonders

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Preah Ko

This was the first temple to be build in the ancient city of Hariharalaya. What is left today are these 6 brick towers, that feature marvelous carvings and the beautiful writing of the early khmer empire (carved into the doorways). This site is close by to Bakong and well worth a visit. Unlike other temples in the Angkor area this one is dedicated to three divinized forefathers of Indravarman and their respective wives (the three smaller towers in the back).

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prasat preah ko

+Note of absence - travel blog post about Bakong:

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Here is a great blog post about Angkor, great photos and great read, featuring many temples. Thx for the good work!
Just posted: Part 1 of my January 2011 trip to Cambodia. This post covers the temples and cities of the Angkor region, including the famous Angkor Wat temple complex.

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If you visit the Angkor area, this temple is quite worth a trip. It is located about 14 km east of Siem Reap and sits close to "Prasta Preah Ko" and "Lolei" (both of which i will post about in my next posts). As you can see in the pictures, these temples are not just reliques, but are still used and honored by the believers - although they are now often buddhists, rather then hindus. There now is a buddhist temple build inside the complex of Bakong, named the "Wat Bakong"

Bakong is dedicated to shiva and also the first temple mountain of sandstone constructed by rulers of the Khmer empire at Angkor. So for history fans this is quite a interesting sight. Although the Bakong was build in the 9th century AD, the single tower in the middle is from a much later periode and was added in 12th century AD.

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Wat Bakong Monastery, Prasat Bakong, Siem Reap, Cambodia

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Error in my post

As i found out yesterday, my post about the "Easter Mebon" showed pictures of the "Bakong" instead. The "Easter Mebon" post was shared 4 times, which i really appreciatie - thank you! But to keep wrong information from spreading, i decided to deleted that post and will now post the pictures of "Bakong" with the right text, description and links. Thank you for your understanding and again sorry for the mix-up of temples.

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The Magic of Angkor

Before we dive into secrets of Angkor, i want to show you a overview of what´s coming next. Enjoy the pictures and the beauty of this magical place.

Angkor is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of my favorit spots in south-east asia. Scientists believe that Angkor was once one of the biggest pre-industrial cities in the world, spreading of unbelievable 1,000 square kilometres. The remaining temples are now inside a life and vivid jungle structure that will make you feel like Indiana Jones. In coming posts i will also show you some of the insects that can be found in that area.

Special - Angkor in 3D
On my last trip to Angkor i used a manual technique to make 3D photographes made from animated gifs. I need to experiment a bit more with G+, but you will soon be able to look at Angkor in 3D - no special glases needed.

I´m always happy to read your comments or get some love from +1s and sharing of my posts. Also feel free to ask me anything.

read more about Angkor on Wikipedia:

find Angkor on google maps:,103.846035&spn=0.13157,0.160675&sll=13.389954,103.909721&sspn=0.263184,0.32135&t=m&z=13

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Angkor Wat or Angkor? What´s the real name?

A lot of people speak of the famous "Angkor Wat temples" but actually they mean the "Angkor" region, featuring many temples, one of which is the famous "Angkor Wat". If possible, take up to 4 days to see all the Angkor temples in detail and relax in the marvelous jungle feeling, inhaling the history and culture unfolding infront of your eyes.

Tip: Don´t rent a car but a motor-rickshaw. To my experience a car is mostly too cold (high AC settings) and is much less fun. In a moto-rickshaw you can enjoy full view, no tainted glass hindering your view or camera and the full smell, feel and sound of amazing Angkor. The air flow while driving is also much gentler than the cool AC. (On the downside you don´t have a icebox for cool drinks. But lots of vendors will sell you cool drinks on any temple entrance)

History-buff tip: Read the basic history of the temples before you start your Angkor visit. The temples have been build over a long time, featuring many different styles and you can actually see how they evolved step by step, if you know what temples have been build earlier than others. This is history as live and vivid as it gets.

more infos on Angkor:

more infos on Angkor Wat:

find Angkor on google maps:

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It´s CATURDAY - this time with two sweet cats from Greece

#travel #journey #europe #cats #cute #furry #explore #city #life #love #pets #animals #thessaloniki #purr #street
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