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I remember talking to someone in the publishing business some time ago, and getting the distinct impression that he believed book publishing was somehow different than music or film, in the sense that nothing needed to change due to the Internet.

It's not. Adapt or die.

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You're ahead in the polls, save the Falklands and the religious bigotry for closer to the general election.

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"If the lender is forced into insolvency due to the losses, then so be it: lenders that cannot differentiate between good and bad credit risks should go under and disappear: that's what happens in a competitive, transparent capitalist economy. Fools who create credit and extend it to poor credit risks must be eliminated from the system as quickly as possible lest they destroy more capital in the future."

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My entry for the Science Museum's OraMIX competition:

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In the 90s/00s the US gave us a thriving security industry thanks to the crypto export rules, now they're preparing to give much more.

Support SOPA/PIPA!

Aliens for SOPA

I'm an Alien (well, according to the US) and as such I'd like to give my wholehearted support to the US Congress and the potential introduction of SOPA (stop online piracy act).

If the US Congress wishes to get rid of its internet industry and Silicon Valley, please understand that we are right behind you. We could do with the jobs and I personally would be delighted if Silicon Valley moved to London.

If it was my choice, I'd even be willing to trade. I'd happily swap the companies in the financial mile (who all have offices near Wall Street anyway) for Silicon Valley. Believe me, if you don't want it Congress - we'll take it off your hands.

I know lots of people are talking about the dangers of SOPA but Congress is spot on - the internet is just full of pirates who don't make real business. Just remember Congress, it's all digital nonsense and who cares anyway.

So Congress think of it as a modern form of penal transportation and I volunteer London as your dumping ground.

We're Aliens, we're all thieving pirates anyway - a quick trip around the British Museum would tell you that. We lack the creative genius of copyright lawyers, movie stars and music executives. We're dull, boring and plod along engineers.

So, go go SOPA.

Congress, send those boring, dull plod along engineers over to us and get rid of your problems once and for all. Send this piracy packing to Blighty.

I'd vote for you Congress but obviously I can't - I'm an Alien.

Congress, we salute you for trying to do what is right and introducing a brave new world of ultra secure and copyrighted everything in the US. Obviously we don't deserve this, we're Aliens, so keep SOPA to yourself where it belongs.

Go Go SOPA, we love you - because we're here and you're there - and we want your jobs.

Obviously, the UK is considered a little bit behind the US in some technology areas - so we should definitely let the US pioneer this brave innovation of legislation. By adopting a wait and see policy for at least fifteen years, we can clearly show our support of US Congress by not directly competing with them in the area of copyright excellence.

Fortune favours the brave, or more accurately, our fortune is favoured by Congress charging ahead into an abyss.

Come join our Facebook group if you're an Alien who supports Congress in destroying its own internet industry. We've been trying to do this for ages, so it's good to see Congress offering a helping hand.


Spread the tag - Aliens4SOPA and show Congress some love.
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