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Login page with jQuery and AJAX

A Login page is one of the basic requirement when creating a registration based website where the user can register to the website and sign in to its account to manage.

In this case, you can use AJAX to create an user-friendly login page.

Which checks the entered username and password in the MySQL database table without reloading the web page. If the user is not available then show an error message on the screen otherwise redirect the user to a new page.

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Make user-friendly select element with Chosen – jQuery

The Chosen jQuery plugin makes your HTML select element more user-friendly. It is available in both jQuery and Prototype flavor.

It can handle both single and multi-select options. Add a search box to filter the list of options.

There are various options available that allow us to customize the select element behavior.

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Load content on page scroll with jQuery and AJAX

The infinite page scroll you have seen on the social networking sites – Facebook, Twitter or on e-commerce websites where the new content is automatically loaded when scrolling down to the web page.

For implementing this functionality using jQuery to detect page scroll when the user reaches the end of the web page then send an AJAX request to load new content.

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Parallax effect on hover with Tilt.js

This jQuery plugin adds parallax effect on the element that responds according to mouse movement.

You have only need to include jQuery script and no external CSS.

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Upload file with AngularJS and PHP

For upload file with AngularJS need to send the file by $http service and with the use PHP store the requested file to the server and return a response.

In the demonstration, I am creating two examples –

# In the first, using JavaScript to select file,
# And in the second, using custom directive

Then pass it as data in $http service for upload.

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Extract the Zip file with PHP

You don’t need to require any other extra plugin for working with Zip files.

PHP has ZipArchive class that allow us to create a zip file or extract existing file.

ZipArchive class extractTo() method is used to extract the zip file that takes destination absolute path as argument.

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Password Strength checker with jQuery Complexify

The main aim of jQuery Complexify plugin is to measure how complex is the user entered password and show the live feedback in the form of strength bars.

In this tutorial, I am using jQuery UI Progressbar widget to display the password strength according to the user input.

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Check username availability with jQuery and AJAX

If you allowing the user to login with their username and password then you have to make sure that every user has the unique username.

When the user goes for registration on your site check username either after form submitting or check it with AJAX while entering.

In this tutorial, I am using Jquery AJAX to check username is available or not.

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How to get data from MySQL with AngularJS – PHP

With only using AngularJS it is not possible to get data from MySQL database because it only handles Client side requests.

You have to use any Server side language at backend which handles the request and returns response.

In AngularJS $http service is use to send AJAX request.

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How to delete file with jQuery AJAX

On your Client-side with jQuery, JavaScript you cannot delete any files. You need to use Server-side scripting for doing it.

In PHP, you can simply use unlink() function this removed a file from your server if it exists.

Sometimes you have the requirement to delete a resource file without reloading the page. This cannot total done with PHP you need to use jQuery or JavaScript with it by which you need to send AJAX request to your server for removing a file and according to the response make changes on your Client-side.
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