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Jake Weisz
"If Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking, and Elon Musk agree it's a bad idea, you shouldn't do it."
"If Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking, and Elon Musk agree it's a bad idea, you shouldn't do it."

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So the notification bell on Google+ has been broken on Edge for a few weeks now. Getting really hard to use this network, and it's getting pretty quiet around here anyways.

If you want to find me, add me at ocdtrekkie on Skype, hit me up at @ocdtrekkie on Twitter, or just straight up email me at inbox (at) with whatever's on your mind. I am worried about losing the awesome friends I met here, but probably won't be here too often at this point.

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Spot on.
This is exactly how I set my alarm.

I also set several reminding me to go to bed that I then proceed to ignore.

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Google doesn't have your kids' best interests in mind.

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This video is fantastic. is funny make sure you watch at least until time signature 1:25 and wait for it. :-P

+Jeremy Hodges

h/t +Chad Rankin

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Brilliant. Google can block all it's competitors now to ensure they're the only ad game in town.

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Who told you not to buy network hardware from Google? This guy.

Mastodon seemed to have struck at the right time. Like when Ello hit right around certain controversies in social moderation, the questions about it have never been stronger than they are today.

The amazing balance Mastodon has managed to hit is that it has managed to sell itself both to free speech advocates (no overarching moderator of the platform, instances dedicated to free speech) and safe space advocates (you can join instances that wholesale ban instances they feel are more hostile) alike.

Federation means everyone gets their own ruleset.

One of the most intriguing things about testing Mastodon, is didn't take me very long to start accidentally running into people I already know. It has the public nature of Twitter, but with a 500 character limit, is far more palatable. As a G+ alternative, things may be looking up.

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Google will allow other search engines (only in Russia), and will offer a choice dialog. A bunch of MADA restrictions are now illegal in Russia, and Google can no longer control OEMs as much there. But it sounds like Russia is still allowing Google to require their bloatware in general.

Experimenting with Mastodon at (at)ocdtrekkie(at)
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