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If Andy Reid gets fired today, what would you say to send him off? 
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He'll finish out the season...
How quickly can u get ur stuff out of the Linc?
IF he got fired today, I'd say thank you. Although we never got to the promise land he did a great job of turning us into one of the best teams in league. He put us first over his family or himself. His dedication to the team we all love was appreciated. Wish it could have ended better, but it rarely does. Everyone is calling for his head because we are having a horrible year. We won't know what we really had until he is gone. 
That's true, we may have a better chance of winning. I agree he's not a bad guy, just not a head coach. Better suited to be an assistant
I think he's still going to be a good but not great coach else where. He needs needs a new setting with some new players. He's worn out here.
He deserves better than to be fired in the middle of the season because I can't blame him for all that's wrong with this team. Injuries did us in this season.
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