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UPDATE: Cops say there were 2 separate police impersonation incidents last night. So far, one person has been arrested
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Seriously "See the Labels?" Who's is able to see the labels if all you see in your rear view mirror is lights, especially at night.

One of the direct commenters to the article said they never stop and call 911 to confirm its the police if a car attempts to pull them over. I do not think that is a solution either.

Police Impersonations do not happen too often so I don't think it's an issue of major concern however when it does the local authorities have a lot of work to do to both discourage this type of crime and reinforce confidence in the local community.

I think better solutions will come with technology. Perhaps a wireless alert in your car if a confirmed police car is trying to pull you over? Seriously though when people learn to drive there isn't much training on procedures associated with getting pulled over or what to do to dispute tickets. It's trial and error. Perhaps we should reinforce driver training as well to increase awareness of what to look for.
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