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NBC10 BREAKING: Hostess, the maker of Twinkies, Ding Dongs and Wonder Bread, is going out of business: AP
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Well here is one Union that struck themselves out of a job permanently. Companies only have so much to give, they cannot give more. 
+Fenton Moore They were in their second bankruptcy and told their employees they were getting their salaries by 30% without any negotiations. I understand that people are being taught to blame the unions for everything but this is a company that just withered and died. 
We saw this with Mrs Smith's in the 90s in Pottstown. That was the company making cuts and the union standing on their pay scale. 
That and can you imagine your salary being cut like that? Sure you can say "Oh well I would take it to stay employed" but you are lying to yourself.
What is the alternative, go on unemployment and food stamps. Live off the government if too many do that there won't be a taxpayer base to support that. The thing is one of the largest and strongest unions in the country was able to work with Hostess to try and keep it's members employed but anther couldn't. 
The company was dying and has been for some time. Lets say the union had made these concessions. Next year they would be back asking for more. Go read up on the financial state of Hostess. Not forgetting their magic 80% salary boost  to the executives who got caught and were changed to a $1 a year salary because of it. The company was going down. Blaming this on the union ignores that Hostess sold products for a time long ago. When being heavy in preservatives was ok and normal. Still if you want to blame the union go right ahead. I'm sure it will help you sleep better.
If we can save GM we can save the Twinkie.......American Bail Out for Twinkie!
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