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Who will stay and who will go? +Philadelphia Eagles QB edition.
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Jeff Laurie's line in his press conference "We had a franchise quarterback on his way down" should be a hint that Vick won't be sticking around. In the same press conference the owner said nice things about "Nick". Although these decisions will be up to the new coach.
It all depends on who's gonna be coach.  I believe that Vick basically got a bad deal. The O line was a sieve all season so he got hit on every play it seemed.  Despite all that, Vick played with heart. Unlike Brady, he never looked for a flag when he got hit. He just got up, dusted off, and went back to work. That's the kind of QB that I want, although being able to make the critical pass and not drop the ball is a plus too.  When he gets behind a credible O line, the old Vick will come back we will regret letting him go.
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