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Mike Vick or Nick Foles? 

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As much as I love Mike, it's in the "Nick" of time. 
Dumb question, FOLES!! Vick has lost this team.... 
Fole's actually time in the pocket where it falls apart for Vick.

Still this is Andy Reid so he will drag out Vick if hes even partially healthy and Foles will get traded before the end of the season.
Foles isn't ready for real action. Vick is only part of the part problem. Address the crappy OL play AND play calling...then address the issues at QB.
Our crappy o line looked decent for Foles. Seems like they'll block beget for him. As far as action, he looked Ok for me out there. 
I'd go with Foles. It's time a new option.
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