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Simon Vince

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I saw your post on Steampunky hats +Lise Bjerregaard Nielsen  and remembered seeing this one from earlier in my scrollings - passing the hat, so to speak.

(and of course the h/t to +Beth Revels for the find)
This is one of the coolest hats I've ever seen. The eye and how the leather is shaped around it are just awesome.

Via +Sandy Berkshier via +Steampunk Hatter
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Oooh, thanks, +Simon Vince!
Love that eye in the band. That's a swell detail. :)
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Simon Vince

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H/T to +Rory S

I've often thought of this same thing over my middling years. But, perhaps I'm not in the same headspace as Robert. But, as far as inspiration goes, this dude has it in spades.
You can learn and you can love, everything else is just details.

I have been living in Puerto Rico for almost a year with a couple of months in Panama mixed in there somewhere.  At this stage in my life I am trying to find balance and search for profound and lasting happiness.  Life is a beautiful precious journey.  Not a moment should be wasted. Ever.  I have been less than perfect on so many occasions that it seems at times that they became bad habits.

My friends, I can count them on one hand.  I am lucky.  I have tested every one of them and they have proven to me beyond a shadow of doubt their incredible value.  I hope I am worthy of their friendship.  I realized a while ago that unless I find peace with myself first I would never be of any use to anyone.

I am passionate about my work.  I love what I do.  I am good at it and that gives me great satisfaction.  That is not to say I haven't had failures.  I have had some spectacular ones, personally and professionally.  I have however learned from my mistakes.  I have grown from them.  They are the frame that I hang my essence from.

I have at times struggled to find peace with people who have treated me badly. I still do.  I remember asking my son who is now 15 when he was about 5 at the dinner table one night what the most powerful word in the world was.  Without hesitation he replied "love." It still brings tears to my eyes.  Even more so now.

Keep the ones you love close to your heart.  We don't have much time here on this earth.  Celebrate every moment.  Live every day with sincere honest affection for the gift that you have and the ones that you can give.  Fulfillment is an art. You have practice an art to master it.

Be well,
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Simon Vince

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Well, since the first link was a repeat, how about this one +Kimberly Chapman and all my other cake-loving circlers?

And Peo ... :-)
These planetary cakes are the most incredible thing I’ve seen today!
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Simon Vince

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H/T to +Tim O'Reilly

I tried to convince my brother this past weekend that Facebook is scared of Google Plus but he didn't believe me. This graph makes me wonder how right I am... Just kidding, I know I'm more right than he thinks :-)
Google+ and LinkedIn Social Referral Traffic = More Engaged
(vs. Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest):
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Simon Vince

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Woohoo! And she keeps plugging along! 
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Simon Vince

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I can't stop laughing. I love the gifs.

H/t to Mr. +Rob Elliott
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THIS is by far, the best explanation of what +Google+ is all about.

If it wasn't for you fine people that I've circled, I'd have little intellectual conversation in my life! (cuz it ain't over on the book of the face)!

(found via +Vic Gundotra's postings)
The Five Nuggets of Google+ Gold

If you aren't yet mining Google+ for gold, you're missing out! The platform offers a tremendously valuable opportunity, for those who make the effort.

Miners are able to unearth:

1. Connections with other people
2. Articles and information to share
3. Opportunities to learn
4. Opportunities to teach and help others
5. Opportunities to build Authority

Make sure that you've taken a moment to fully understand what's down this mine shaft, and the riches that await.

#GooglePlus  #GooglePlusTips #SocialMedia 
Back in the 1800’s, settlers began streaming West in hopes of finding land and prospects for a better life. They often passed through my own St. Louis before embarking in various directions. In 1844, one of these settlers, a 34-year old man named James Marshall from New Jersey, had started to farm some land in Missouri along the river, but contracted Malaria. On the advice of his doctor, he packed up and headed further West, all the way to Oregon...
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Simon Vince

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Oh yeah! Awesome ... simply awesome - could be faster though...
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Simon Vince

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+Kimberly Chapman

I know it's late as Robin doesn't seem to have hers on as much but look at these!
Paula Strawn paints for a living, but she doesn't need an easel or paper -- the California woman decorates corrective helmets for infants with beautiful, customized designs. Flat-head syndrome is a common condition in which infants' heads appear f...
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The internet is like that.  I've posted that planetary cake thing before too.  :D

But I honestly never mind repeats...better a repeat and know peeps like to keep showing me stuff than to miss cool stuff!
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Simon Vince

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Sad day. The plus won't be the same.

Top Hat tip to +Rae O.
RIP +Dirk Talamasca, you helped make my experience on Google Plus as well as thousands of others amazing!

You will be missed my friend.
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