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I made a drop in replacement for the Textpattern DB library to add support for PHP 5.6 and beyond. Anyone what to give it a try and see if you find any issues? 

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Building some saw horses based on +Matthias Wandel plans. 

Was just running PHP Mess Detector (phpmd) on a project that includes textpattern: 

phpmd: The function doLoginForm() has an NPath complexity of 390625. The configured NPath complexity threshold is 200


Do you guys know if there's a way to do a single sign on in TXP without hacking up the txp_auth.php file? I have someone I did a site for a while ago and now they want another site in TXP. I looked into multi-site management but it looks kinda of hairy to tack onto a already existing site. 

Might be a stupid question, but do you guys know if there's a way to get the form name from inside <txp:output_form form="xyz" />? So capture "xyz" inside the form?

Finger painting

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these are pretty fantastic!
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