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Because those vinyls aren't going to scrobble themselves
Because those vinyls aren't going to scrobble themselves

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0.4.0-alpha3 is out. (Linux builds will be available soon.)

* fixed scrobbled album names
* restored scrobbling at a specified time (keep the app open for future scrobbles, the queue is not persisted in this release)
* scrobbling will print more logging information to help hunt down some evasive issues

Windows and Mac releases are built against Qt 5.6. This required switching from gcc to MSVC on Windows. Ubuntu is still shipping with Qt 5.5 so that's what it's going to use.

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0.4.0 alpha2 is out.

If you're on Linux and using my APT repository, be advised that I stupidly nuked the GPG key and had to make a new one, which you can import from or from the SKS keyservers (search by 0x26CACC4A or

Oh, and the 0.4.0 alpha build is now available through APT.

end of 2 minutes of shame

0.4.0 alpha1 is out, including a first ever official Mac OS X build.

I don't like publishing alpha versions, but it's been delayed for too long to justify waiting any longer.

This is a completely clean slate, and some of the older features are not reimplemented yet, like searching by release ID and creating releases by hand. On the other hand, Discogs server-side collections are now available.

Make a backup copy of your local database and check that it's loaded correctly.

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0.3.3 is out with proper support for Discogs master releases.

Windows users: the auto-update feature is broken in 0.3.2, you'll need to download the entire package.

Got my development machine back; the 0.3.2 release is back online. I'll try to make up for the lost time as quickly as possible.

Me and C++ templates are engaging in some heavy Dom/sub play in order to support Discogs master releases. Not entirely sure who the Dom is in this relationship…

After a lot of hair pulling, 0.3.2 is out.

Looks like the new server is all up and running.
That was a bit of a pain there.
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