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Adventure Lurks Within...
Adventure Lurks Within...

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I'm putting together the cosmology for a new campaign in a new world. Here's the creation myth for the principal adventure area:

1 When time began, all was darkness, empty and formless
2 The dweller in darkness, who is the darkness, was alone
3 He reached out his hand, and there was light, brilliant and beautiful
4 She looked upon him and she spoke, the first words ever spoken
5 You are the dweller in darkness, who is the darkness, and I name you Naz
6 I am the dweller in light, who is the light, and my name is Ishra
7 He drew her to him, and he knew her, as she knew him
8 Ishra gave birth to a child, and her child was called Tyra, the world
9 Ishra looked down upon Tyra's barren beauty, and saw she was alone
10 Ishra drew Naz to her, and she knew him, as he knew her
11 Ishra gave birth to a child, and her child was called Korim, the storm
12 Korim, formed of darkness and fire, looked upon Tyra and knew desire
13 Korim drew Tyra to him, and he knew her, as she knew him
14 Ishra looked down upon Tyra and saw the first blossoms upon her
15 Korim came to Tyra again, and when he had gone Ishra saw the first trees
16 Again, and Ishra saw the seas filled with fish and the sky with birds
17 Again, and Ishra saw beasts in the fields and the forests
18 Again, and Ishra saw the Peoples of the plains and mountains and the sea
19 Naz wished to gaze upon his daughter, and so Ishra yielded to him for a time
20 That time was called a night, and when Naz yielded to Ishra it was called day
21 And so day became night, and night became day, as time turned
22 But Naz could not see as clearly as Ishra, for his domain was the darkness
23 So Naz drew Ishra to him, and he knew her, as she knew him
24 Ishra gave birth to a child, and her child was called Sura, the moon
25 And Ishra saw that her daughter was beautiful, and she spoke to her, saying
26 Go to your father's domain, and give him light that he may look upon your sister
27 And so Sura went into the darkness, and with her father she looked upon Tyra
28 And she saw the glory of Tyra, lands and seas, fish and birds, beasts and men
29 And Sura knew envy, for her bright beauty was barren as Tyra's had been
30 Sura drew Korim to her, and she knew him, as he knew her
31 Sura gave birth to many children, small and bright and beautiful
32 Sura's children danced in the darkness, a slow and stately dance
33 And they were the stars, and they loved the depths of the darkness that was Naz
34 But they feared the brightness, so they seldom drew near to the light of Ishra
35 In time Sura missed her mother, and her father Naz saw and gave her leave
36 So she went toward the light, and stayed with Ishra for a time
37 In time Sura missed her father, and her mother Ishra saw and gave her leave
38 And so Sura moves between the darkness and the light
39 And the darkness and the light move across her face
40 Tyra saw the dance of the stars, and looked upon the face of Sura as she moved
41 And Tyra and the life upon her learned to move with the rhythm of the sky
42 Seasons and tides and the blood of the living moved with the rhythm of the sky
43 Still Korim comes to Tyra, his lover, and he knows her as she knows him
44 Sometimes Korim is gentle, caressing Tyra with warm rain and gentle winds
45 Sometimes Korim rages, anger and desire so great even a god cannot contain it
46 But always when he has passed, life comes anew to the face of his lover
47 And when he has passed Naz and Ishra and Sura look down upon Tyra's glory
48 And the stars also look down, when it is their time
49 But while Korim is with Tyra, the gods above do not see her face
50 So do we believe, and so have we have written

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Here's a review of the Field Guide by Ol' Man Grognard, who recently reviewed the Core Rules as well. Thanks for the kind words, Ol' Man!

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Glad you had fun with the game, and with the Olde Island Fortress!  Which adventure are you running next?
We completed The Old Island Fortress tonight! The thief and the cleric leveled up, which is a nice thing. Also, they complied with most of the goals I thought would be ideal. That's worth a good chunk of XP! I allot a decent amount of XP to smart decisions and achievements.

They have a clearer idea of the back story now, and will return as unexpected heroes at the start of the second adventure. This means I really gotta get cracking on the third one!

I love this game. Thank you, +Chris Gonnerman​! 

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Have fun with everything!
Because a few days are better than the others 🤗

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Bunch of new releases:


Equipment Emporium: A Basic Fantasy Supplement, Release 8 -- November 28, 2016
Lots of changes in this new release. Apparently the editing team has been updating this for some time without telling me to post it. So here it is! ... ntemporium

The Basic Fantasy Field Guide, Release 29 -- November 28, 2016
The Field Guide has been updated again. This time, it's just a few minor corrections. This is a print release candidate.

DC1 Tales from the Laughing Dragon, Release 14 -- November 28, 2016
This is yet another print release candidate for DC1, with additional editing by James Lemon.

AA1 Adventure Anthology One, Release 17 -- November 28, 2016
This new release includes further edits by James Lemon. This is not a print release candidate, as there are flow issues with the first adventure that may require artwork to fix.

Character Sheet by Scott Abraham, Release 1 -- November 28, 2016
Scott has provided spell sheets for Clerics and Magic-Users meant for use with his character sheet, and additionally has provided the MS Publisher source document for the character sheet.

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I had a great time Saturday running two sessions of +Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game at Winternomicon Volume II! Thanks Ray Davis for inviting me.

I ran two different sub-adventures from our CS1 Castle by the Sea adventure (found here: Castle by the Sea presents a single set of maps with 22 numbered encounter areas, with several completely different adventures built around that map. For the morning session I ran my original Call of Doom adventure with characters averaging 3rd level, and then in the afternoon the 2nd place winner Castle of the Unknown with the same characters bumped to an average of 5th level. Both were a lot of fun to run, and I think the players had a good time too.

Special shout-out to Jason Brentlinger who could not make it. I did not realize how much of my tear-down he was doing after my sessions until I had to do it myself.

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Just wanted to mention that I'll be running two sessions of +Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game at Winternomicon II on Saturday the 19th, one at 9:00am and one at 2:00pm. The morning session will feature one of the short adventures from our CS1 Castle by the Sea multimodule, while I'm not entirely sure what adventure I'll run in the afternoon.

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Thanks for the kind words, Nathan!
It's easy to overlook this sort of thing, but I really appreciate the wide margins of the layout of BFRPG, and the plain matte paper of the print copies. That white space is just begging for scrawled artwork and house rule marginalia. 

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Excellent!  Love the bear, by the way!
Just about to set out from Morgansfort with two thrill seeking dwarves - my 8 and 6 year old sons in their first ever spot of roleplaying. 90 minutes later, gold, silver, a well-avoided trap, a very cleverly overcome yellow mold, giant spider-crab, and one blinded dwarf before they scuttled home...

They were great, I was very proud, and BFRPG has two new enthusiastic recruits. Lots of fun!

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Nice words from Ol' Man Grognard! Thanks man!
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