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Snohomish Knitters Guild
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Join us tomorrow, in Edmond or in Everett, as we 'Knit in Public'. Full details can be found on our website.
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November 2011 Guild Meeting: Mary Donaty from Paradise Found Fiber Farm explained the history and differences of alpaca, llama, pygora and vicuna animals and their fiber. Knitters from the Everett Library shared the fun they had knitting the Royal Wedding and introduced us to their newest project, Santa and his Reindeers.
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For those interested, here is the link to purchase Jane Austen Knits. I had the pleasure of previewing it last week at our weekly knitting group and loved many of the patterns inside. The slippers and red hooded cape are probably my favorite.
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Home to all the fearless knitters in Snohomish County Washington
Mission: Fearless Knitters!
The Snohomish Knitters Guild is committed to encouraging friendships between new and long-standing hand-knitters who have a passion for knitting, sharing knowledge, and promoting the use of local knitting resources. Kindred spirits regularly meet to learn the art of hand-knitting, foster knitting skills, and cultivate a supportive community. SKG is a gathering of all the fearless hand-knitters of Snohomish County, WA – fearless about trying new techniques and fearless in our creativity. 
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