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People photographed predominantly on the streets of London's W1 post code... an on-going 'project'.
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interesting street portraits. I mostly use a 50mm too and I'm looking for the definitive one... How do you like your noctilux for everyday street photography?
+Iacopo Di Luigi I love my Noctilux for street shooting, but is it an everyday lens? Probably not, though I do personally use it for my everyday shooting. It has issues when it comes to street work.

I shoot wide open a lot, I don't have to, but I am looking for a certain aesthetic to these images, that is part of my goal for this project. The wide open old f1.0 Noctilux has a really distinctive look that I love. Some drawbacks are, you need an ND filter to cut down the light during daytime. And because it's wide open, the focusing has to be ridiculously good / quick, some luck helps as well (or be a very good judge of a particular pre-focus distance).

Is it the definitive 50mm? Not sure that exists really, they've each got their own character. If you're looking for technical perfection, the 50 summilux will get you close, the various noctilux's will get you incredible speed and shallow dof, but then you have to want or need the speed. The new f0.95 Noctilux is far more technically correct than the old, and I've thought about buying new, but everytime I compare images I'm drawn to the quirkier old one more. The other 50 I shoot is the canon f.095 "dream lens", and it is very dreamy, with a bokeh to die for. But it is a beast to focus properly...
I think you're definitely using the noctilux the way it was designed for.. open wide all over... to get that dreamy mood that everybody loves.. the new 0.95 looks to me much more "clinical" and technically accurate so I can understand why you my prefer the 1.0.
I don't always like to shoot wide open because it requires too much focusing effort and often on the street there's not much time for that... but I'd like to have the freedom to shoot at night as well with a bright lens (just because I don't like flash).
I own a Voigtlander 50mm 1.5 and the build quality is just bad...despite that, I find it quite sharp and versatile so I don't dislike it too much... but if it was a bit faster it would be a plus..
have you ever tried the summilux 1.4 by any chance?
+Iacopo Di Luigi I quite like the Voigtlander lenses, it's good to have a less expensive alternative to the leica lenses. I have only ever tried the summilux 1.4 in a shop and I've never worked on an image from that lens. From what I read though it is pretty much Leica's "classic" lens, if you decided to get a new 50, you can't really go wrong with the Summi.. Personally, I prefer the extra something special that the Nocti offers. Let me know what you decide on..
I would probably go for a pre-asph summilux because I don't want to spend 3 or 4k pounds for a lens just yet... but I'm a bit afraid that a summilux version 1 or 2 would be less sharp than my Voigtlander.. that's why I'm in doubt..
I'll be checking offers here and there.. I'm sure that my future 50mm will find me sooner or later...
I love your work with the noctilux though.. I'll think about that as well ;) thanks for the suggestions mate
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