"A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.” ― George R.R. Martin, A Dance with Dragons

This month after finishing George R.R. Martin's last published piece "A Dance With Dragons" I was pretty bummed with the fact that I now had nothing to carry me to into my dreamtime. So I was really excited when Isabel Storey gifted me with the privilege to read her book "The Trustees"

I knew nothing of the book other than the title The Trustees promised a window into Estate Law. Being that I have been dealing with my late Father's estate I looked forward to absorbing this new story. 

The Trustees is an awesome read, particularly Isabel's writing style. Her use of words and accents are full of flavor that brings her story to life and will make you feel as if home is South of the Equator.

You will find each of her characters lovable, as you join them in their search for truth. She has away of sharing their private lives with just a few words that stir up their deepest emotions. You can't help relating to each and every one of them, while wondering if there is some truth to these fictitious characters.  

Journey into the lives of old families who possess both power and good fortune. More specifically the consequences of lost family heritage from the secret passions, wandering lust.and lies from men of days past. Marvel at the web of secrets that creates a ripple effect carrying forward through time continuing through generations and across continents. Watch through the eyes of Peacock & Oates, Dumfries and their fiduciary relationship to long lost clients who they themselves know not the true identity of.  

Every single sentence and letter takes you a little closer to the truth and at the end leaves you satisfied, yet wanting more. Especially of the Gypsies and the unspoken bond between women that serve to protect both the lies of men and the children they bore. Behind the secrets, hidden doors and buried treasures, It’s all there, waiting for you. You will be engrossed from start to finish.

Thank you Isabel Storey for sharing your gift with me. ;o)
The Trustees ~ By Isabel Storey
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