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2014 Chimera Race Report
I hit bluejay campground with Janey on Thursday before the race. It was basically empty, clouded in a thick fog and light drizzle. Pretty much what you would expect if you were going somewhere to conquer a mythical beast. It was my first time taking my litt...

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Chimera 100 Preview
1 week until the Chimera 100! I'm excited and nervous but ultimately know my training for this race is done and now it is time to get my body and mind ready for race day. Here is what awaits. To get ready for this beast I have tried to run as frequently and...

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Are you ready for the Kodiak?!

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Summer Trail Series
Our first Summer Trail Series just wrapped up and it ended up being a great success. This 3 race series was tied in with the local schools and despite a slow start we had 100 kids out for the final race! The coolest part was watching these kids run! It was ...

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Big Bear Lake Half Marathon Review.
From the RD I've been mapping out this half marathon course for the better part of the last year and I can't say that I wasn't excited to see a hundred plus people come up to run the inagural Big Bear Lake Half Marathon. It turned out to be a gorgeous weeke...

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Product Review - Hammer Gel Peanut Butter Flavor
Wow, it is even better than I imagined! That was the first thing that crossed my mind when I got a taste of the Peanut Butter flavor Hammer Gel. I was 15 miles into my first long run in what seemed like ages when I decided to take a break and enjoy the view...

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mmmm....march, multisport, mountains, motivation
Snowshoeing after our only storm of the winter, The month of February went by in a blur. Post Sean O'brien 50 miler my motivation to get out an run took a little bit of a dip and while that is tough on the mind, it's great on the legs. Having a little one i...

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Sean O'brien 50 Race Recap
Race Week - Started the week with a two day juice fast which felt great. Also went without coffee for the week which didn't feel so great at the start but after a day or two was a non issue. I tried to eat a lot of veggies during the week and rest as much a...

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Sean O'brien 50 Mile Preview
I can't stop looking at the course details ( 50 Miles. 11k' of Elevation. And what appears to be the most competitive field at a trail run I have entered.... To say I am nervous about running smart is an understatem...

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31 Runs in 31 Days
Typical Big Bear, blue sky and sun over the mountains! I always love a good challenge, so when I heard about the 31 in 31 idea I was instantly in. My normal December routine of climbing in Joshua Tree a ton was not possible this year as we have been on full...
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