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Here to celebrate those who are in the closet or out and proud! Follow NCOD on Twitter: @NCOD_fb
Here to celebrate those who are in the closet or out and proud! Follow NCOD on Twitter: @NCOD_fb

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A message from the National Coming Out Day page on Facebook:

Important! Please Read!

I received a private message on this page that I'd like to share with you. In respect for their privacy, I won't share their name or other personal information. I will say that they are from outside of the U.S., so their English is a little broken, but you'll get the idea of what they're saying. And one part of what they shared with me, I will have to omit for now, until I can get further confirmation of the accuracy of the information.

The message they sent is in regard to what's going on with the LGBT community in Poland. A lot has been going on lately in Russia, Uganda and other countries as far as how dangerous it can be to be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender in those countries. But the message I received also brings to light that we need to know/remember that there are also other countries in the world where LGBT's are not well accepted or safe. We, as a community, need to do our best to support one another around the world, and help our brothers and sisters in this fight for equality. It's heartbreaking to know anything like this is going on anywhere in the world.
It is my hope and prayer that one day, this kind of thing (inequality) will be a thing of the past, and that all mankind can live together peacefully and happily, and accept each other's differences. But until then, all of us (straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, pansexual, asexual, white, black, Asian, Hispanic, male, female, young, and old) need to work together for this to happen.

Here is part of the message I received (verbatim):

"I ask you for help.
I come from Polish in Poland is also a difficult situation for gays and lesbians, similarities as in Russia. A month ago they killed a gay man because he was gay, he was 21 years of age. On the Polish side created a lot of parties calling homosexuals a threat to the family, health and life call us pedophiles. They believe that homosexuality is a disease Somebody needs to be treated. I ask you friends abroad for help in reporting these pages or shipping opinion administrations Facebook. Below given links. Please shared and let people help us in reporting the propagnady detrimental to homosexuals. Let people see.

This image has been called in Poland for national pride and patriotic attitude. Homophobic people burned rainbow and posing with Polish flag. Sorry for my English because is not good but i hope so You understand me."

I have already reported the first two links to Facebook. But the third page has apparently already been removed by the time I tried to go to it, so there's no need in trying to report that one.
And the image they are referring to above, is on the first and second link below. It is of a "Tęcza (pronounced [ˈtɛntʃa], meaning "rainbow") is an artistic construction in the form of a giant rainbow made of artificial flowers, designed by Polish artist Julita Wójcik, located on the Savior Square (Plac Zbawiciela) in the Polish capital of Warsaw since summer 2012." (source:

Here is a link that gives a little more detail of what is currently going on over in Poland:

Please keep the LGBT's and allies in Poland in your thoughts and prayers, as well as the LGBT's and allies in other parts of the world. Stay strong. And please share this post.

Much love and peace to all of you, all over the world. ☮

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