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Jennifer Baker
Executive Leadership and Career Coach
Executive Leadership and Career Coach

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Where are you Sabotaging Your Success?
Rob is a CEO of a medium sized organisation who has an ambitious and exciting plan for growth.  When he came to me for coaching his brief was how do I get more out of my senior team?  He had a big long list of complaints… ·          I make all the decisions...

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Are you a Cultural Misfit?
Have you “married” the wrong organisation? Take the example of Sue. After ten years in management with the public sector, she was ready to redefine her career and move on. She chose the charity sector where she had a passion for a cause. She set her sights ...

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Newly Promoted MD wants to Establish Respect
Recently, I worked with a newly appointed Managing Director, Robert. He said he didn’t want the job and felt no-one in his senior management team liked or respected him. He was thinking of selling the business but was feeling confused on what was the right ...

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A Change in Paradigm to Education
Recent news of MPs calling for a ‘big stick’ approach of schools offering substandard careers advice should be downgraded in Ofsted inspections I fear will continue to place misguided advice on equipping children for the future.  The problem lies within how...

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Take Back Control
Compared to 30 or so
years ago it is now expected individuals take greater responsibility for their
career. Even those employed in large
organisations are no longer relying on employers
to provide them with all their career development needs.  The last time...

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Is Your Motivation Waning?
There is much research into how to motivate
people at work. However, I always advocate the starting point has to be with
yourself.  What would your answer be to
the question, what motivates you? Do you know? What Motivates You? Frequently I am asked, “How d...

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Build a Strong Relationship with your Boss and Take Charge of your Career
Managers are interested
in employees who will help them accomplish the many goals set for their teams.  Self-starters, initiative takers,
independent, results oriented individuals are often in demand.  If your boss had a hand
in hiring you, then you can be ...

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Plan Your Way to a Cracking 2016
Do you find yourself tempted with yet another round of New Year resolutions to help change your life, and achieve your goals? According to Gallup about 90% of us fail to keep our New Year’s resolutions.  It is not the goal that is wrong, this is the easy pa...

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Blue Monday blues? It might be time for a career change
Reportedly the most depressing day of the year, Blue Monday
typically falls on the third Monday of January and is said to be the result of
the festive come-down and the reality of
returning to work. Did you find yourself groaning about another Monday in the...
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