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Sun Enters Cancer
Let's Welcome the Sun's entry into Cancer!

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All Together Now: Jupiter in Libra
On June 9, Jupiter will go direct in the sign of Libra (at
13 degrees). It will remain in this sign until October 10, when it will enters
the Sign of Scorpio 12:20 EDT/ 9:20 PDT Jupiter, in astrology, represents growth, good fortune and
expansion. On its po...

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Jupiter Direct
Jupiter has gone Direct to (13 degrees) in Libra. Tomorrow, I'll provide greater details in this regard. Hopefully, this transit will provide a measure of good fortune to you all, especially in the Romance department. Enjoy your night.

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A Bountiful Harvest: Strawberry Full Moon in Sagittarius
Today begins the Strawberry Moon, in the Sign of Sagittarius. Strawberry Moon (or Rose Moons in Europe) derives its name from the harvest time for such fruit among the Algonquin tribes. The effect of the full moon will last over the next three days. The Moo...

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Rise Above: Super New Moon in Gemini
May 25 will begin a Supermoon, New Moon in Gemini.The title "Supermoon", for the current New Moon, is derived from the term when the moon is the closest to earth (Perigee). It implies that the effects of the moon will be stronger than they would normally be...

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In Bloom: Full Flower Moon in Scorpio
On May
8th will be the beginning of the full moon, the Flower Moon. Based during mid
Spring, it is symbolic of the time when flowers bloom into being. The
Moon, in astrology, is concerned with needs and emotional security. The Flower
full Moon may, in the n...

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Mercury retrograde ends tomorrow
Mercury retrograde ends tomorrow 12:33pm EDT/ 9:33am PDT

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Full Value: New Moon in Taurus
Today’s New Moon is a time to review your needs and values.
Much in alignment with the earlier part Mercury Retrograde and Pluto’s and
Saturn’s recent Retrogrades, This moon may urge you to divest yourself of
objects and possessions that hold no further imp...

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Back and Forth: Mercury Retrograde in Taurus/Aries Part II: Aries
part II of my interpretation for Back and For: Mercury Retrograde in
Taurus/Aries) Tomorrow, April 20th 12:37 PM EDT/9:37 Am PDT, Mercury will enter the sign of Aries. It will remain in Aries
until May 3 rd 12:33 pm EDT/ 9:33 am PDT. Travelling from...

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