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Joy Owleyes
OwlEyes guide to life, art, dogs and adventure.
OwlEyes guide to life, art, dogs and adventure.

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In Memoriam
What can I do today? That is basically  the question  I ask myself all the time. So, in art, today I am working on a portrait of a Native American WW2 hero  Ira Hayes . I plan on eventually presenting the portrait to the Ira H. Hayes American Legion post #8...

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Service Dog Appreciation and Awareness: It's Time to Revamp the Rules!
I have been
ruminating for weeks about all that the organization through which I was able
to train my service dog, Soldiers Best Friend, has done for me. In short, they
gave me my life back, but that’s only part of it, really. It has been difficult
for me t...

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OwlEyes Artist Statement
The United States is a truly beautiful country. I have lived
and traveled it entirely.  My 20’s were spent travelling the world with the US
Navy. I was even stationed in La Maddalena, Italy for a few years. I now reside
in Chandler, AZ with my husband and a...

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Owl Eyes Art Presents:
Home Front   Heroes Mixed-Media/Watercolor Paintings of Service Dogs and Pets of Veterans (And some very close friends.) Olley Cat This was my very first watercolor painting, which I painted  in the summer 2014. Once I realized I had a knack for it, I tried...

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How to Care For Your Watercolor Painting
So, you just purchased/received a beautiful, new
watercolor painting, now what?  There are
really just a few important things to know about your watercolor painting in
order to keep it bright, vibrant, and unblemished.  1.       Get
your painting framed wit...
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