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Easy, cheap and amazing #DIY #lantern made from an old #masonjar . Do you like this idea?
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Do it yourself - Ebay UK
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Weapon of Mass INSTRUCTION! - Artist Raul Lemesoff's cruises around in his converted 1979 Ford Falcon to spread free information in the battle of ignorance...

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Artist Raul Lemesoff has taken to the road in his latest creations "Arma de Instruccion Masiva" (Weapon of mass instruction) to help spread information and
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..В данном варианте деревянной полочки переплетаеться простота конструкции с девственной природой.Своего рода симбиоз современной мебельной промышленности с чем то родным,знакомым воспоминаниям:например березовой рощи солнечного майского дня.......
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Lips Amigurumi Free Pattern for keychains, pendants, or charms
  #Crochet   #Amigurumi
I've been making some amigurumis lately, with patterns mostly I got from the web for free. They're great, only sometimes it takes me longer to make some adjustments because I want them really small, for a keychain, a pendant,...
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Have them in circles
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