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Samantha Jade Minor
I'm not trying to be perfect, just legendary.
I'm not trying to be perfect, just legendary.

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Makeup Minute: Tarte Kiss & Blush Palette and Double Ended lip & cheek Brush
   I know my last Makeup Minute was also for Tarte but they are quickly becoming one of my favorite brands. Like always I was on the Sephora app and saw the Tarte Kiss and Blush palette and Double ended Cheek and Lip brush and immediately had to get them.  ...

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Hollywood's Reigning Best Actress Is A Perfect Beauty Role Model
   If you tend to be a close follower of Hollywood celebrities there's a good chance you tuned in for the Academy Awards back in February. It’s always a great time for the stars to strut their best stuff, and while the following day always brings about a bu...

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My First Yoga Experiance
   I just tried yoga for the first time. I’ve talked about it
for the longest and just never got around to it. Well my job offers it
twice a week and it’s literally a 3 second walk from my desk so I had no reason
not to do it.     First I just want to give ...

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Makeup Minute: Tarte Magic Wand Brushes
    I purchase new makeup all the time. More often than I care
to admit. However, I usually forget to share it with you guys which is a major
fail on my part because after all this is partially a beauty blog.    I want to start a new feature called “Makeup ...

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Review: Affordable Fashion You Can Customize with eShakti
       Alright ladies you are going to love this one.
You know how you try to find really nice, quality clothes and you end up
finding something that you're going to spending an arm and a leg on or it's
going to be cheap quality and it's going to fall apart...

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Spilling The Tea on Laser Hair Removal
Disclaimer: I received these services free of
charge at my job. This is to inform you about laser hair removal not promote my
place of employment so I do not mention the company.    We all hate shaving day.  We
spend so much time in the shower the hot water...

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Relationships & Dating: Why Women Should Date Like A Man
   If there is one piece of advice I’ve taken
seriously from Sex and the City it is to date like a man. Samantha Jones gave
this golden nugget of advice and I couldn’t agree more. Often women and dating are
part of an age-old double standard. Society and th...

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Get Ready for Valentine's Day With This On-Trend Beauty Routine
   With February fourteenth right around the corner, the hunt for the perfect Valentine’s Day look is on. Whether you're preparing a romantic evening for two or planning on popping bubbly with the girls, this quick and easy beauty routine will create a glow...
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