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New Findings About Santa Claus in Antalya

On the ground floor of the St. Nicholas Memorial Museum in Demre District of Antalya, an unspoiled temple was discovered.

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39th Vodafone Istanbul Marathon Intercontinental Run

Vodafone Istanbul Marathon is Turkey's most important running event in the international arena. The Marathon, which is also the first intercontinental race in the world, will be held for the 39th time on Sunday, November 12th 2017.

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The Most Beautiful Scenes From Turkey

Every city in Turkey has its own unique cultural, natural and historical beauty. There are so many places to see and admire ...

Maiden’s Tower, #Istanbul
#Sumela Monastery, #Trabzon
#Pamukkale Travertines
Uchisar Castle, #Cappadocia
Tekirova, #Antalya

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Travel Turkey Izmir, 7-10 December 2017

Upcoming Tourism Fair and Congress could be invaluable to expand business in Tourism.

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The number of holidaymakers in Istanbul is high up.

According to the statement made by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the number of tourists coming to Istanbul increased in August.

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Adventure Holidays in Turkey

If you do not want to stay connected to hotels or pensions in summer and want to get out of the classical holiday concept, you can find colorful adventure holiday options in Turkey.

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Do not miss Season's biggest cycling event in Cappadocia, 13-17 September 2017

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Most Delicious Restaurants in Marmaris

Another reason to visit Marmaris: Exquisite Tastes at Bars and Restaurants in Marmaris

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Turkey’s Most Popular Historical Treasures

Anatolian geography has been an important transition and life point for humanity in every period of history. Turkey, where the traces of different civilizations are located, has many historical places, ancient cities and banners.

We chose 10 of the many beautiful historical treasures in a fertile geography like Anatolia. Take a look at some of the most beautiful historical sites, many of them on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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As of 2017, 17 entities in Turkey have entered the UNESCO World Heritage List.
The cultural values hosted in Turkey are also reflected in the World Cultural Heritage list. The map of Turkey is like an open air museum. Antique cities that are waiting to be seen and discovered are amazed travelers.
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