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Willow Schools
We teach the way your child learns!
We teach the way your child learns!


Our Mission Statement:
To enable individuals with learning disabilities to realize their academic potential, empowering them to become successful lifetime learners.
One in five students experience significant challenges in learning to read, solve mathematical problems, or demonstrate knowledge in written expression.
Students whose learning needs cannot be met with standard curriculum and are unable to have their progress measured by state-required assessment tools are now having to repeat curriculum in order to demonstrate mastery. Parents become very concerned, and students become frustrated when they are not attaining success at the "art" of learning.
 What if the underlying issue causing delay in progress, or a decline in learning basic skills, is the direct result of a learning disability such as Dyslexia, Auditory Processing Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder, or other related concerns.
 Children, as well as adults, whose learning differences create difficulty in academic achievement are often creative, bright, capable learners. They may need alternative methods of instruction and assessment to be successful. A well-designed individual learning plan, small class instruction, carefully selected assessment tools, and a personal development portfolio, will be ideal for your child to achieve the "art" of learning.
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