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Great story of innovation!

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Google is getting out of the Google RSS Reader business!  What RSS Reader do you prefer?  Guess I will be migrating...

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This is a great research initiative to help families who have limited treatment options for their sick child's rare genetic disorder. The researchers will be able to use Ingenuity Variant Analysis software in their analysis of the DNA sequence data in order to identify the driver genetic variation for the disease. The hope is that the analysis, interpretation and research resulting from it will lead to new treatment options for families with rare genetic disorders.

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Open systems and sharing of mutually agreed & mutually beneficial IP has been a cornerstone of fast growth and innovation in the computer and internet industries.  Life Science Research and Healthcare need to leverage the power of network as a way of business.

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Ingenuity is partnering with Life Technologies to bring the ability to interpret & score genetic variants in sequencing diagnostic tests

Study Divides Breast Cancer Into Four Distinct Types, NYT: ; Nature:

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Is Jay signalling that Illumina is for sale now?

ShanghaiBio Partners with Ingenuity @ING_SYS to Address Challenges in Analysis and Interpretation of Genomics Data
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