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Victoria Atkins Breaks Election Law (again)
In the 2015 general election the Conservative Party candidate and her agent broke the electoral law. I described it all HERE Victoria Atkins was, nevertheless, elected as MP for Louth and Horncastle. To place a poster on the highway, and that means the publ...

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Report on Meeting at Rimac 14th May 2017
We had a joint meeting with the Rimac Watch Group at Rimac Reserve. We walked to the pond carrying nets, ID, sheets, containers etc. The children stood on the deck and used the nets to catch pond dwellers. The contents of the nets were transferred to the wa...

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It was a pleasure to welcome new members to the group
on this bright, sunny day. The ‘aaah factor’ was present in the car park –
seven fluffy Canada goose goslings.  19
of us made a slow progression along the river bank and back through the
woodland paths t...

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Skunk Cabbage and Monty Don
Almost four years ago I wrote a little piece about Himalayan Balsam. It's here: It's Himalayan Balsam flowering season again. Last night Monty Don, on BBC2's Gardeners' World, told us all about the terrible scourge overwhelming us that is Skunk Cabbage, Lys...

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AGM : Our Annual General Meeting on 28 April was livened up by a display of photographs from Chairman Ray, Watch Group Leader Avril and six other members. A raffle raised funds for the LWT whilst 48 members enjoyed cakes and biscuits at the end of the eveni...

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Watch Meetings
Report on Watch Meeting at Hubbard's Hills April 23rd
2017 A trail of 20
clues for a Nature Treasure Hunt were laid through Hubbard's Hills before the
meeting. The children and
adults were given written directions to help find the clues and a question to

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Compost and Global Warming
Compost I’m not too sure about talking about compost to allotment
holders – they will know all about the subject already. So I want to set the
business in the context of global warming, the existential crisis facing
humanity. Perhaps such an approach might ...

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Improving Air Quality in UK
Today, having been so ordered by the courts, the government has published its approach to Air Quality. Here's the document:

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Trump and the Azolla Event
About 50 million years ago, at a time known as the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM), atmospheric carbon dioxide levels were much higher than today, probably mostly because there had been a lot of volcanoes erupting over periods of many thousands of y...
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