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Blake Cole
Justify What You Are, and Then Change It.
Justify What You Are, and Then Change It.

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Just wanted to say that this app has colored me impressed. The accuracy is astounding. Great job! It made my day to go for a run and have it be so accurate. Thank you. 

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This is why I think Google will change the world. The man in charge has already seen the change. 
Larry Page: The most ambitious CEO in the universe
"There’s a joke about Larry Page that’s been making the rounds at Google X, the 'moon shot' factory where Google is developing self-driving cars, high-altitude wind turbines, and a fleet of stratospheric balloons to blanket the world with Internet access: A brainiac who works in the lab walks into Page’s office one day wielding his latest world-changing invention — a time machine. As the scientist reaches for the power cord to begin a demo, Page fires off a dismissive question: 'Why do you need to plug it in?'

It’s a tall tale that is repeated affectionately by the whizzes inside the futuristic lab because it captures the urgency and aspiration of their boss to move technology forward. The Google CEO is the kind of guy who thinks the improbable is a given and the seemingly impossible is likely. He’s not one or two steps ahead of his engineers and research scientists; he often seems to inhabit an alternate universe, where the future has already happened."


Photo by Anna Kuperberg/+Fortune Magazine.

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