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I am embarrassingly late jumping in but this article yesterday made me think of this group... Not exactly #PLNs but change in organizations. What if our organizations were organized with dynamic circles? I'd like to know more about how this is designed to work.

And I'd love to hear thoughts especially from those in the corporate world. (I'm in higher education.)

I need help/suggestions for organizing all the great information I'm getting from #xplrpln! I think +Kimberly Scott mentioned that she is learning to use Diigo and I think +Keeley Sorokti mentioned something (else?) where she follows our hashtag. I am looking for someplace I can save bookmarks/links... maybe a social bookmarking site? Suggestions? How do you all manage? What features should I be looking for? Right now I'm just pasting links into a draft on my blog. Not so efficient. THANKS!

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Reminding myself that good things happen when you jump-in. Here's a quick blog on #xplrpln thoughts this week. I am hoping I can keep up the momentum to write at least one post a week!

A few thoughts on how I go here at intentionality/serendipity in my #PLN.

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My try something new for this week was using to make a mind map of my PLN. I am still trying to articulate what a PLN is for me, so it helped to visualize it this way. The purple colors represent areas that I'd like to grow. I also tried to use distance to approximate strong/weak ties.

I feel like I am kind of in-between the questions posed by +Kimberly Scott for Week 1. I have a PLN, but I haven't yet figured out how it will change how I learn in my professional field. My PLN is more a side-project that has grown out of my #edcmooc experience. I'd like to figure out how to bring together the left and right sides of my PLN below.  My next goal (keep me honest!) is to write a blog post fleshing out my ideas on more detail.

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I think even your blog has a creative/craftsman title! Interesting perspective on what is creativity.

Hello everyone! I work in adult education at Mary Baldwin College in Virginia. I'm excited to be part of this exploration of PLNs. It's a really timely continuation of some work I am doing with helping students who are new to learning online and new to our adult program. I'm sure all you MSLOC folks will help me ramp up on this topic! :)

Hello! I am an academic advisor and instructor in higher education from Staunton, VA. I took my first MOOC this spring (E-learning and Digital Cultures) and that has inspired me to learn more.

Hello everyone! It is wonderful to see some familiar names and faces from the #edcmooc which was my first MOOC experience with Coursera's E-learning and Digital Cultures from U. Edinburgh. I am very interested in learning more!

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Hi all, I am trying to remember the name of the program that you can use to make a whiteboard sketch-style animation. Someone made an animation with it before the course officially started. Does anyone know what I'm thinking of? Thanks!
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