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If you are going to opt into a new blog....what would you prefer as a giveaway?

1. A report that holds good, detailed info that pertains to you
2. A discount code to a product 
3. A personal email answering your top 3 questions about topic

Let me know!!

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Looking toward 2013!

Kid Quote of the Day:

Kiddo (age 5):  Mom, you know what my favorite holiday is?
Mom: No, what is it?
Kiddo:  Halloween, cause the kids scream with joy! .......and terror

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Having trouble finding clients?

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My kids would have some serious fun with these!

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Nice Tribute!

So, I got a new phone and had my daughter program it for me.  She's all smart like that.  Except now she put on some feature that makes the phone talk to me and tell me who is calling or who is texting me.  Which is kinda annoying. Now we will see how smart she really is....cause she needs to take that off. 

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A good start to Membership Sites

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This came across my FB feed, and I figured if nothing else, a signal boost from here in G+ would help There's not much information to go on, but if someone recognizes the handwriting, you could help a Marine get their Bible back. 

My son found this Bible in the dirt/mud in Afghanistan sometime on his deployment during Nov. 2011 thru May 2012...if anyone knows who's this is please let me know, and I will mail it to you. I would want the same done for my son!!!


#marines   #military   #veterans   #afghanistan   #bible   #lost  

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Love this
Octopus Hotdogs - A fun and entertaining way to present and eventually eat hotdogs.  It can also be a fun food project to do with the kids.  Enjoy!! :)
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