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Get your craft on!
Get your craft on!


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Hi everyone! It's been almost 2 years since I posted... YIKES! It's been a little hectic on my end but I have been playing lately and hope tohave more posts. I'm writing mainly because I noticed that the graphics on my blog has disappeared and I'm looking...

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Missing in action?
Hello! So, my plan was to do a few more projects with the Explore and post at least 3x a week here to share my thoughts and such with you guys. Instead, on November 1, I went to work.  Everything was normal.  Suddenly I didn't feel right, I was losing my br...

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Scoring with the Cricut Explore!
So, one of the cool new things is the ability to score and cut at the same time.  I'm finding myself needing the score ability quite frequently.  You should see me trying to hand score something - I'm never 100% accurate.... like ever.  So here is the handy...

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Second Project using Cricut Explore
Hello Krazies! Today I got to play with the Explore for a bit.  Of course first I HAD to straighten up my craft area and that took a coons age. I wanted to do a few Vinyl projects but decided to try another 'free' project.  Once I get the hang of this, I'll...

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Cricut Explore - My first impression.
Howdy! So, on Tuesday my Explore arrived.  I bought it through Amazon (oh how I love Prime and 2 day shipping)!  It arrived exactly 5 minutes before I was leaving for a doctors appointment which bummed me out.  I didn't even get to open the box. After the d...

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I said it would never happen..., I was wrong.
Holy cow time sure does fly! I'm sorry I've been MIA for almost a year!  Loads of stuff happening from a new grand baby to a new job and loads in between. Tomorrow there is some excitement happening I wanted to share.  Y'all know I've kicked Cricut to the C...

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Cameo & Rhinestones
Hello my friends, I know it has been almost 6 months since my last post and I apologize.  I've had a lot happen in that short time, somethings I can share, some not.  I'll talk about it in a later post. Right now I'm excited to share with you my Rhinestone ...

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I'm using a custom theme in Gmail on the Web and I think you'll like it too! Check it out on your desktop or laptop. #gmailthemes

Nassau Bahama's 2012.

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Tic Tac Cuteness! Lori Whitlock Silhouette File and super easy!
 Hey guys!  Can you believe it is already December 5th?  HOLY MOLY!  Did any of you go out in the madness of Black Friday?  I did my shopping online and got great deals and did not have to be part of that crazy day or those mad shoppers! Today I have some S...

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Let insanity ensue! Holiday Crafty Projects, Tutorial on Calendar Coaster and more!
Hey Krazies! Here is a quick video showing you my craft room that exploded with to do project supplies!  Also I wanted to talk to you about how to do a fun calendar coaster! First the video! Now the Calendar Coaster!  Or, Coaster Calender if you'd rather!  ...
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