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Alessio Monehar
IT and Web professional with a passion for new technologies.
IT and Web professional with a passion for new technologies.

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▶ Web design

▶ Web development

▶ Content management system

▶ Email Marketing

▶ Search Engine Optimisation

▶ Flash websites

▶ Digital encoding

▶ Reputation management

▶ E-commerce development

▶ Social media marketing

▶ PHP, Ajax, JavaScript and more

▶ Photography & Videography
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Together we can find the best solutions for your business.

Protecting your brand online since negative publicity can damage your business. Corporate branding and reputation can take years to build and thousands of Euro to maintain. Yet with the growth and accessibility of online communities reputation can be destroyed in days with a poor review by popular bloggers or negative comments and critics on popular web forums.

I can advice and help you with: reputation monitoring, brand protection, reputation rescue.

Search engine optimisation is crucial if you want your website to be accessable to search engines and to be ranked well in their results pages. High rankings in search engines lead to more visitors to your site and therefore increased sales.

I am dedicated to the high standard ethical search engine optimisation practices that the major search engines demand.

Social media marketing is nowadays crucial for online business success.

I can harness its power and make it work for you. Through RSS Feeds, blogs and forums, Linkbait creation and syndication, Flickr, Digg, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Online PR and press release distribution.

Online marketing is probably the most important aspect for a successful website or application. For this you need a professional to grow your business online. I have over 15 years experience in this field and can also provide testimonials from clients for whom I have transformed their business through effective search engine and social media promotion.

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WHY Monehar?

Fairness commitment
I promise I'll treat you fairly and reasonably when providing you with services and solutions for your private or business website. I'll keep this promise by meeting all of the key commitments shown below.

I'll make sure that my advertising and promotional literature is clear and not misleading and that you are given clear information about my products and services.

I'll give you clear information about the best possible solutions for your success online, how this work, its terms and conditions and the extra-cost that may apply.

I'll help you keep your website up to date by sending/emailing you regular information (where appropriate) and I'll keep you informed about online technology changes and innovations.

I'll provide you services and solutions responsibly.

I'll deal quickly with things that go wrong and consider all cases of online issues positively.

I'll treat all your personal information as private and confidential, and provide secure and reliable web solutions.

I'll make sure that any service and solution for your business will lead to your future success online.

If it happen that you are unhappy with the service or solutions I provided, I'll do my best to provide new/alternative solutions and settle the complaint to your satisfaction.

To meet these promises, I shall, as a minimum, take the steps and meet the standards set out worldwide by the Industry leading webmasters and eMarketing professionals.
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Goodbye Desktop and Mobile sites ... !
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