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Mitch Wagner
Monkey at a keyboard, Light Reading West Coast Bureau Chief
Monkey at a keyboard, Light Reading West Coast Bureau Chief

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Oh, for God's sake, Google, give it up. You suck at social. Google+ is a failure. Orkut failed. Buzz failed. Google Reader was a modest success but you shut it down. Google Wave failed. Spaces failed. 
Also, you have about 37 different messaging apps. I can't tell the difference between them and I'm a tech journalist who follows these things. What's the difference between Allo, Duo, and Hangouts? I don't know and I don't care because nobody uses any of them. Pick one messaging app and stick with it.

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"Any one can do any amount of work, provided it isn’t the work he is supposed to be doing at that moment." — Robert Benchley

I’m farsighted, which means I need to take my glasses off when I’m at the computer or otherwise reading. Which is a lot of the time.
After years of struggling to break the habit, I now accept that my glasses are going to live on top of my head when I’m not using them to see through.
I accept that this will make me universally hated by optometrists, opticians, and ophthalmologists worldwide.
Another reason they will hate me: I don’t know the difference between an optometrist, optician, and ophthalmologist. And I can’t spell “ophthalmologist,” either – not without spellcheck.

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Alibaba is Jack Ma, the way Amazon is Jeff Bezos and Apple was Steve Jobs.

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Trump's previous threats to Republicans who failed to support TrumpCare means he now has to fight a war against them.
This might destroy the Republicans as a national party – just as we hoped would happen when we all expected a Clinton win.
Yes, the adage about counting unhatched chickens applies here.
Still, this whole imbroglio is like Christmas in March for anybody who values democracy and competent government.

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Nightline with Ted Koppel premiered March 24, 1980.

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Che Guevera devoted his life to fighting the "criminal" "capitalist octopus." Today, you can buy Che T-shirts, ball caps, jewelry and other memorabilia at The Che Store.  
Free shipping!

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Amazing miniatures of rundown urban streetscapes

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Jerry Reed, "East Bound and Down."
I'm gonna barbecue yo ass in molasses.
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