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Sadhbh Sullivan
I'm just a little girlie full of bubbles and beans and all things fashion!
I'm just a little girlie full of bubbles and beans and all things fashion!

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Running: My Journey & Beginning Yours
If you've been following me on any of my social media accounts (my handle is "Sadhbhers" for pretty much everything), then I guess you probably already know that my favourite way to keep fit, mentally and physically, is to run. I'm living really rurally so ...

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5 Products Your Makeup Bag NEEDS
Guess who's back.. Back Again.. Welcome back to SADHBHERS.IE ! It's been a while, but exam season has finally  come to an end and I am so ready to get stuck into everything from blogging to working and all the adventures in between. Today's post is ( obviou...

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Collect Moments, Not Things
I feel like I've been so MIA lately from almost everything; my blog, my social media accounts, and well.. life really. I've never been the kind of person that takes a step back from things when it's all getting a little bit too much, but lately I've decided...

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Saying "NO"
There are three types of people in this world. The "Yes" people, the "No" people, and of course the "healthy balancers," who seem to have the whole world figured out. I have always found it hard to say no to anyone or anything, but lately I've been trying m...

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I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't starting to feel like I'm getting older. I know, ironically 18 year old Sadhbh feels like she's getting old, and she is far too young for a mid life crisis moment. Let's call this a quarter life crisis. I feel as though ...

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SS17 Trend Report
If you've been following me on Snapchat (sadhbh4), Instagram , or Facebook  then I guess you've probably already noticed that Spring is one of my favourtie  Seasons, followed closely by Summer. There's something so refreshing about reaching into the back of...

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How to Stay Motivated
Motivation is something that can be as hard to gain as it is to let go. Everyday I get so many questions wondering where I get my drive, and how I stay on top of life, from making sure I drag myself out of bed early in the morning, to maintaining a good bal...

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Understanding the CAO
The CAO is more formerly known as the worst nightmare  of any Irish Leaving Cert student. "How do you fill it out? How often can you make changes? How many courses should you shove in?" are just a few of the most commonly asked CAO questions, and although c...

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The Cure
There's nothing I love more than the sea. I guess that's one of the reasons why coming home at the weekend is so important to me. While city life can, at times, be incomparable, there's something captivating about being by the sea side. Everything about it ...

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How to Survive the Leaving Cert 2.0
Hello  Exam Season! With the Leaving Cert mock exams just around the corner, and the dreaded Leaving Cert looming, I have been inundated with questions on how to study, how often to study, and, well, pretty much anthing and everything in between. Having sat...
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