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Law Firm of Sean R. Laird Announces $12 Million Dollar Verdict Against EMQ FamiliesFirst, Inc. renamed “Uplift Family Services.“ 12 year old plaintiff was among many other neglected and sexually victimized at the now shuttered Davis group home.

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Sacramento Elder Abuse Attorney Sean Laird announces June 13th, 2016 trial date in case where client dehydrated to death despite her and families wishes to always maintain her nutrition and hydration. Ready about how concern about this death came to light on Sacramento Elder Abuse Lawyer Sean Laird's website.

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A Good View on Nursing Home Forced Arbitration Agreements.
The Law Firm of Sean R. Laird applauds Senator Waxman’s desire to protect nursing home residents .

Elder abuse and neglect in Sacramento nursing homes is a systemic problem. From dehydration to death, infected bedsores, medication errors, repeated falls, and more, local homes have been plagued by ongoing neglect.  What is more concerning is the industry’s fight to keep families from seeking justice by forcing them into arbitration, rather than having their day in court.

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Spread the word in Tracy, CA: Clients whose mother died as a result of elder neglect at New Hope Post Acute care in Tracy brought me this article of the same conduct happening in 2014. View the article here:

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Sean Laird announces an exciting new partnership. This is a game-changer. Check it out here:

Repeated falls at a nursing home or assisted living facility can be a huge red flag of neglect and abuse at facilities. Falls can be harmful both mentally and physically for frail elders. A fall leading to a broken hip can spiral out of control into a host of problems, up to and including death. A good elder abuse attorney can help you determine if your loved one has suffered neglect or abuse at a nursing home. Visit our page where we answer your questions for free:

Sacramento Elder abuse attorney Sean Laird advocates for families whose loved ones have suffered at nursing home facilities and assisted living facilities. Pressure sores, dehydration, weight loss, falls, broken bones can all be a sign of neglect at a nursing home. If you are looking for an Sacrament elder abuse lawyer, contact Sean Laird.

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This is an informative video about elder abuse and nursing home neglect. It seeks to summarize the problems that develop when nursing homes put profit over patient care. Contact us if you need help or have questions.

Elder abuse and neglect is more prevalent than you think. As law enforcement budgets shirk non-profits advocacy groups are lending a hand to fight the problem. Here an app to assist in identifying the signs of elder abuse and nursing home neglect:

Orange, Calif., and San Francisco, Jan. 3, 2013 — One in 10 older Americans experiences abuse or neglect each year, and the number of reported cases is growing at a time when resources necessary to properly respond are shrinking. To assist California law enforcement personnel in dealing with this problem, the UC Irvine Center of Excellence on Elder Abuse & Neglect has partnered with the Bay Area’s nonprofit Institute on Aging to develop a mobile app called 368+ Elder & Dependent Adult Abuse Guide for CA Law Enforcement.
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