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David Holmes
Internet Music, Open Content, Social Media
Internet Music, Open Content, Social Media
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Animated Sheet Music: "So What" by Miles Davis (Clean Audio)

Via +Ugo Valentini - reposted here with better quality audio track.

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“Open Content Licensing: From Theory to Practice”
A full PDF download of the book is available providing a comprehensive study of Open Content principles and their possible implementation in relation to European intellectual property law.

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Web Cam Times Square NYC
For a realtime view of Times Square NYC - three views available from street level to up high, all with audio feeds.

Shows heavy rain as hurricane Irene approaches, some people and vehicles on the streets.

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Free Google+ Icons
A collection of Google Plus icon sets with PSD files to use on your websites.

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Open Learning Resources
Multimedia and ICT training videos from Westminster University, plus more links to online tips and tutorials via their Twitter channel!/MMTVcom

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Socialgif is a new beta application that allows you to capture a series of images via webcam, edit, include text, then post a brief moving image to your Tumblr, Twitter, or Facebook account.

The final post can be either a single-frame image or an animated gif created from up to 16 separate images, plus a short text message.

You can also use the 'timed' option that automates image capture with variable trigger settings for 1-16 continuous snapshots with 1-10 seconds before each snapshot.

This is a well executed idea and something I can see becoming popular across social networks. The process of image capture and forward posting is seamless, easy and fun to do.

Socialgif facilitates conversations built around visual dialogues and it'll be interesting to see how people innovate within the 16 snapshot time constraint to create short visual messages.

You can learn more about creator Chad Scira and his other code creations via and!/icodeforlove

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Make your own customized Google+ feed widget

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Photography and Google+ Photographers

This Google+ resource for discovering +users has a section on photography curated into categories as per: Most Followed, Inspirational, Landscape & Wildlife, Street Photographers, Portrait & Wedding, Other Categories.

There's also some visually curated collections of inspiring Google+ photo albums via the blog at:


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Twitter’s Content & Programming team is looking for a Music Content Manager. See the job description here:,Job
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